A Summer with Kenton Lewis: A Review of His Book

Daily Prompt: Four Stars 

Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book.

The Summer of ‘62 is a summer from the life of its writer, Kenton Lewis.

It chronicles the clashes of the main character, Rich Larsen, with parents, friends, and strangers that cause him to withdraw into himself. He finally falls so deep into despair that he realizes that there is no place else to withdraw. He is either washed away like footprints on a sandy beach or takes a decisive and life altering step.

His decision is compounded by the fact he is only fifteen.

When asked if all these events actually happened in the summer of 1962 he replied, “No, a few are purely fiction, but most is true right down to the syllable. Some events happened in a span of about three years. I also combined several characters into one.”

The book takes you back to the time before the Vietnam War, The Beatles, and drugs. It is a book about the last generation of innocence. The story does not define itself by the pop culture of its day, but rather the reactions and emotional response typical for the time.

“I think that’s one thing I wanted to accomplish,” Lewis says. “Life was not rock and roll music playing in the background to simulate an era. It was dealing with life without having them synthesized and filtered through drugs, alcohol, or self-help book psycho-babble. You got advice by talking to older people, people who weren’t wasted or stoned. They saw their lives as an opportunity to help others.”

The book is a collection of rich characters all from an era that has passed and will never be repeated.

Summer is a good time to read it. And it’s okay to read it to an oldies station playing in the background or what the hey, get out your own stack of wax.

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