To All Followers Of The Jittery Goat

Recently the 500th follower has signed up for the Jittery Goat. I’m most appreciative.

Many have wondered why is this blog called The Jittery Goat? It is named for the nameless goat noticed by a Bedouin goat herder centuries ago chewing on a strange little berry. It made the goat jittery and it seemed to hop around a lot. My drug of choice is caffeine, thus the blog was named in honor of that goat who introduced the world to caffeine.

When the blog was started I would have been happy with 50 followers. The blog had no concept or direction, just me writing whatever popped into my cranial cavity. Basically it’s a blog about nothing.

Nevertheless, I wanted to post something special and thank all the followers. I wanted to write a word of thanks and send it to each follower by email. Such an undertaking would have been a logistical and time-consuming nightmare.

Some followers have become known so well that I know which ones will respond with a comment or click the “like” button.

I try my best to answer every comment if only with nothing more than a “thanks.” Though short, it is really heartfelt.

There can only be one first follower. That honor goes to an old friend and blogger himself, Landon Kanillopoolis. I have some old buddies like Roger, Eric, Vance, and Ron (speedy recovery) who drop by and give me a jab in the ribs. All and all the followers seem to be a friendly sort. They’re not too demanding nor particular, after all they have to fight through a mountain of typos in order to make sense of what I’m writing.

I’ve been thinking about a followers’ convention early next year, you’re all invited. I haven’t quite figured out how to finance it, but it sounds kind of important to say ‘I’m planning one.’ Pass that on to your friends, it will make them all think they’re missing out on something really special.

Thanks, one and all.

“… and death will be no more …”

This is a bit of a sad time. I found out recently one of my followers died. Her name was Connie. I first met her when she was seventeen. A few years later she became a part of our family. She married a cousin, Tom. They are the kind of people you look forward to being around. Tom is warm, friendly, humorous and quick to smile. Connie was vivacious, generous, kind, and quick to smile.

Tom, and Connie raised a fine family. A good family. A family you like to be around. A family you wished all families could be.

A little more than two years ago I flew home. My sister was dying and I remained for her funeral. Tom and Connie lived only forty-five minutes away. I wanted to stop by and see them, but couldn’t find the time. It’s strange when you think about it, that time you thought you really didn’t have then, you have now.

She was sixty when she died. For years she was a cancer survivor, but now a victim.

I look forward to the time when the words inspired by God through the ancient prophet Isaiah will be fulfilled; “And no resident will say: ‘”I’m sick,’” and “He will actually swallow up death forever…” (Isaiah 33:24, Isaiah 25:8).

My prayer and condolences to Tom, Thomas, Jacob, Susanna, Elizabeth, and Leah. May the God of “tender mercies and … all comfort” bring you solace during your time of great grief. (2nd Corinthians 1:3-7)

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  1. You are one of the few blogs I have actually subscribed to. I enjoy your posts and content a lot. I may not always like or comment, and that’s not an intentional snub, but I find now I’m working, I have less time to get my own posts submitted, and generally browse through my reader. Keep up the good work buddy 🙂

  2. It’s been a pleasure to follow you, although only for a short time now. I may be one of those who stops by and “likes” your posts, but I am working towards being a more rewarding follower. Congrats on your 500th follower Jittery Goat and thanks for the etymology, quite interesting 🙂

    • Wow Eric! Read again. I wrote this last week and had your name in it. Somehow the whole draft got deleted and I tired to rewrite it from memory. Trying to rewrite from the mind (memory) is inadequate when you should be writing from your heart.

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