If I Was A Tree In The Forest…

If I was a tree in the forest the forest would want another tree.
If I was a tree in the forest the forest would want another tree.

Daily Prompt: Dulled

You encounter a mysterious man offering you a magic potion that, once sipped, will make one of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) super sharp — but dull the others. Will you sip it, and if so, what sense do you choose?

Hey, we’re all adults here, well I claim to be. Why the High School Harry questions?

I suppose when you’re writing Daily Prompts you can get into a slump. It’s a tough job. Sometimes it’s even a tougher sell. Certainly the Daily Prompt has a tough job. If not for them I’d be writing about what my cute adorable grandchildren did yesterday.

In the 80s Barbara Walters was dubbed as a great interviewer. The people she interviewed had a story to tell and a career or agenda to push. I think she was the great promoter of revitalizing lagging careers. At the end of one of her interviews you would want to free Charley Manson.

“Tell us about your father?” Tears would come and a revealing nugget was gleaned as only Walters could script it. It had all the drama and surprises of a Miss America pageant question round.

Walters loved this one, “If you were a tree in the forest which tree would you be?” That came straight from high school journalism or Sigmund Fraud 101.

So when I see questions like the prompt today it reminds me of Barbara Walters and all the interviewers who studied her approach and led them down the path to ineffective questions and well-scripted interviews.

“Looking at your debased life and all the bad decisions you have made in the last few years, it had to come from somewhere. Let’s start with your ole man. Was he a worthless dirt bag or did you get your abhorrent thinking from your mother’s side? The reason why I ask is this stuff has to be handed down. You lack the creativity to come up with it on your own.”

Now that’s an interview!

So all you armchair psychologist, I’m not avoiding the Daily Prompt for some deep psychological reason. My mind doesn’t work that way. No matter how ridiculous a magic potion is in your mind such thinking gives a false hope that problems are solved without hard work. I don’t even want to fanaticize about such possibilities let alone consider it as an exercise only.

An exercise is a step away from somebody wanting you to say something you normally would not say. What is the Daily Prompt up to, mind control?

Indecently, I always thought a better question would have been, “If you was a tree in the forest and you fell what sound would you make?”

I think there’s an open spot on The View.

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  1. Crash… Love your take on the prompt. I just read part of the prompt apparently or my brain only took in a portion, my take was totally different also. Thank you for sharing. So much better.

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