Anything Guaranteed Is Not Appreciated – It Might Even Be Illegal

Maybe they should both have some sort of regulation.
Maybe they should both have some sort of regulation.

Daily Prompt: Too Big To Fail

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

This sounds like one of those, “If it sounds to good to be true…”

Every endeavor is always at the expense of another. Everything has a price tag. And if not on the price tag there are hidden expenses.

The question of the Daily Prompt suggests what am I willing to sacrifice for the sake of a longing, perhaps a selfish one at that.

Yet, the Prompt suggests success. Success is at it’s best relative. Success is normally attained at the expense of others. “Move over and let the big dog have his bone.” Is that really what I want for myself.? “Your father has had a tough day so let him be for a while.” Do I want others to appease me and live according to my needs?

This Daily Prompt reminds me of the three temptations of Jesus in the wilderness by the Devil. The last of the three temptations was all the kingdoms of the world. Jesus was offered something in return for something. Many view this event only as a allegory, but wow! If so, what a powerful one.

He was guaranteed success, but at the expense of his personal integrity and to do something morally repugnant to him. All Jesus had to do was an act of worship. Not to live his life in the worship of the Devil, but just a momentary lapse. (Matthew 4: 1-11)

I think about that in relationship with what I write. If one were guaranteed fame and fortune to write a novel that challenges my personal values would I do it? To me the answer is no. Writing is a revealing as well as an examination of self. It is an opportunity to share your moral center, your core values.

I recall several years ago talking with a young writer. The writer said they could write and explore anything because of being a writer. To me that is like saying I have the right to kill with impunity because I own a gun, taken a course, and can shoot well.

Many writers agree “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Should it not be as tightly regulated, if not by government than by personal and moral regulation? Some writers become nothing more than good ole boys shootin’ tin cans on the back forty wearing camouflage, and dinking Bud Light.

Anyway, even if you fire a gun into the air for the mere pleasure of doing so, it has possible deadly consequences.

Guaranteed success for me is not worth the peril to others or lapse of my own moral conviction. There is always a price tag, handling fees, and other hidden charges.

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  1. Well said. Art is by no means an “ethics-free zone,” either in regard to oneself or one’s audience.

  2. I laughed a little from the title of this post. And then I read the content and I felt it, the depth of the message. Well done and thank you for this post!

      • You could always come back to it when you’ve found the words you need to say, unless the words find you first. I’ll be looking forward to a more contemplative spin-off of this post. 😉

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