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Which Hill Do You Want To Die On? (Short fiction)

Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

When faced with confrontation, do you head for the hills or walk straight in? Was there ever a time you wished you’d had the opposite reaction?

It was Saturday morning. Jake sat at his kitchen table with his thirty year old son, Arthur.

“Dad, what should I do?” Arthur said. “The report is due Monday morning.”

Jake heaved a sigh and pressed his lips. “Son, we live in two different worlds. I was never faced with quarterly evaluations, projections, power lunches, power ties, power presentations, or power anything. I got up went to work and came home.”

“You had to handle conflict in your day,” Arthur said. “I remember guys calling you from work or dropping by and asking for advice.”

“Like I said, son, it’s two different worlds. I worked in a factory. Things are different,” Jake said. “But I’ll hear you out anyway.”

“I received falsified reports,” Jake said. “If I include them as facts everything looks good. I’ve talked to the people who gave me the reports. They said it’s done all the time and projections indicate that the next quarter everything will be adjusted. They say that’s the way things have always been done. They say corporate heads know it’s that way.”

“Well if that’s the way things have always been done than why the problem?” Jake said.

“I went back ten years ago,” Arthur said. “They weren’t done that way then. It’s only been within the last five years reports have been done that way.”

“Do you know the reason they changed?” Jake said.

“Yes,” Arthur said. “For no other reason than to keep corporate off their backs.”

“Well there’s a lot to be said for that,” Jake chuckled. “So what, in your mind, is the problem?”

“There will be a big confrontation if I report the truth and something tells me I should.” Arthur said. “Do you know what that could do to a well oiled corporate structure?”

“Well than the answer is obvious to me,” Jake said. “You file the report as it has been done the past five years and everybody’s happy. The boss is happy. The guys that gave you the reports are happy. You don‘t have to face a confrontation. Like you said the figures will adjust during the next quarter.”

Arthur smiled. “Dad, I knew you would give me good advice.”

“Not really,” Jake said. “I think you knew all along what you wanted to do. Confrontation doesn’t come easy. Remember in school you had that problem with a teacher who was changing a pretty girl’s grade. You thought it was wrong. You thought it should be reported. Do you remember what I told you?”

“Yeah,” Jake said. “That was big one. You said, ’What hill do you want to die on?’”

“That’s right,” Jake said. “We have to choose our battles wisely. A war is not won by the Army that wins the most battles or takes the most hills, only the important battles and important hills. You did the right thing back then. A teacher got fired. He was doing it with other girls. Who knows what problems you might have saved others?”

“Do you think this is an important hill?” Arthur said.

“Either way, you face a confrontation,” Jake said. “The confrontation of your conscience or the confrontation of men. Which will it be? Which can you live with?”

“Wow, Dad,” Jake said. “I’m worse now that I was when I came to you for advice.”

“Well I’m sorry about that, son,” Jake said. “Let me walk you to your car. I’m going out anyway.”

“What ya got planned for the day?” Arthur said.

“I got that old clunker in the garage,” Jake said. “I love that car, but I’m selling it.”

“What!” Arthur said.

“I’m selling it,” Jake said.

“You’ve always had that car,” Arthur said.

“That’s right and it’s time that it goes,” Jake said. “The transmission’s bad. It slips a little. That’s why I’m selling it. I’m going down to the automotive store. They have this additive I can put in it and it won’t slip anymore – at least for a while.”

“Dad!” Arthur said. “You’re passing the problem on to somebody else without telling them?”

“Sure,” Jake said. “As far as they’re concerned it’s a well oiled machine. And who knows they may sell it before it really goes bad or they may not drive it that much anyway.”

“Dad,” Arthur said. “This doesn’t sound at all like you.”

Jake smiled. “I got a hill in front of me don’t I.”

“And I’m the one who really has the car with a bad transmission, right?“ Arthur said. “I can keep it going and pass the problem to somebody else or report it so it can get fixed, right?”

“See the problem is this,” Jake said. “I face reality now or have a guy come back in six weeks wanting his money back. Who do I want to confront the guy at the transmission shop or an angry buyer?”

“I suppose our greatest confrontation is our conscience and consequences of decisions we make and not people,” Arthur said.

“Something like that,” Jake said.

Jake walked Arthur to his car.

“Dad,” Arthur said. “You’re really not selling that old clunker are you?”

Jake smiled. “Write an honest report, son.”

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The Charmed Life Of ‘Doctor’ Scroggins (short fiction)

Daily Prompt: Weaving the Threads

Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the another, but create a common thread between them by including the same item — an object, a symbol, a place — in each part.

“Things happen for a reason,” my sister, Bonnie, said.

“No they don’t,” I said. “Things just happen and we struggle to find meaning. And finally we find one and portray it as a sign that something Devine has charmed our lives.”

That little speech was said a few years before Bonnie’s death. It made me feel intellectually superior. After all, I was the one who left this stinking little burg forty years ago and got a college degree. I even teach those moronic dweebs called students. They don’t call me ‘Doctor’ Scroggins for nothing.

I’m finding it difficult to live with my brashness and ego these days. How could I be so insensitive and pugnacious to the sister who changed my diapers for goodness sakes! I loved her as much as my mother.

There was this ring, expensive for it’s time. Merely a trinket by today’s standards She bought it for me when I graduated from high school.

“I don’t need another ring,” I said. “Do you want me going off to college looking like a Gypsy?”

She smiled, but I could tell my insolence hurt her, but she was one to never take offense or hold anything beyond the next blink of an eye.

“Rings mean something,” she said.

“They mean nothing,” I said. “They’re decoration.”

“It means something to me,” she said. “And some day it will mean something to you.”

“Than you wear it,” I said.

“You’ll need it someday,” she said. “You’ll need it when it’s least expected.”

Well there I was three years later, in college, and I hadn’t eaten in two days. I sold the ring to a jeweler. And it was a good thing. I bought a few much-needed groceries, paid my portion of the rent, and swore never to waste my money on frivolous youthful entrapments again. Most importantly the ring had finally come to serve the purpose for which it was intended.

Strangely, decades later I found myself in the very room Bonnie gave me that ring. It was only thee hours ago she was laid to rest. Already I’m missing her; her dull witted ramblings about her grandchildren, the weather, and her view of the world, but I loved her.

I was so out-of-place with my family filling the air with meaningless stories and remembrances; stories that have had their third go-around. I was ready to leave and get back to my world of inventive thought and engaging conversation. No more did I care to hear about hog and corn futures and the lowering water table. I was about to scream and beat my head against the wall.

I couldn’t wait for my wife and I to attend the next gathering of alumni friends and regal them with the events of this weekend. “Yes,” I would tell them. “Those people really exist and I escaped.”

I pulled my coat on, slung a scarf about my neck, pressed my hat tight on my head, and bid all a fond farewell.

I was in the car when Lisa, my niece – Bonnie’s oldest, came running from the house.

“Uncle Will, Uncle Will,” she called.

For a moment I was about to give way to tears. Everything about her reminded me of Bonnie from the voice to her waddling run.

I lowered the window.

“Uncle Will,” Lisa said. “I didn’t want ya to get away without givin’ this to ya.” She handed me an envelope. She leaned inside the car and gave me a tender kiss on the cheek. “That’s from Momma,” she said and smiled. “She said not to let ya leave without a smooch.”

Lisa waddled back to the house. I opened the envelope. There was the ring. The exact ring. How she found it or came about it I don’t know, but I’m inclined to think my dear sister knew more about me than what she cared to reveal, after all she changed my diapers. It was obvious she knew of my condition during those bleak years and knew that the ring would be sold when times got tough. I suspect she held that ring dear for decades and was waiting for the right time to surprise me with it. It had the same engraving, “To Will from Sis.”

I smiled and tucked it away in my lapel pocket.

I was about to crush the envelope. I nearly overlooked a note. I pulled it out and opened it. “Now find some meaning to this you ass.”

I smiled, went back to the house, and shared a few stories about my Sis. The next day they had me milking cows.

I wear that ring now. It reminds me of the meaning to things, the farm from where I came, and the charm brought to my life by a boorish sister who waddled.

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Is Facebook Two-Faced?

imagesCAV3AZ33Daily Prompt: Freedom of Facebook

Facebook has recently come under attack for failing to enforce its own guidelines on hate speech and violent imagery. Is it a website’s job to moderate the content its users post, or should users have complete freedom? Is there a happy medium? If so, how would you structure it?

Founders and executives of social media sites have made billions from them. They are quick to donate to all sorts of charitable causes for the betterment of mankind. Would it not be in keeping with their love and concern for humanity to make certain to the best of their ability that they police themselves. The money they give away likely makes them feel better about turning a blind eye to activity that makes them billions.

Those geniuses figured out how to put it together, likely they know how to make it free from the things that cause offense. They just don’t have the will.

My Experience With Facebook

A couple of years ago I had a Facebook account. It was for the purpose of keeping friends and family who live great distances up-to-date.

After a couple of weeks I found it was taking a lot of time. My family, like me, had lives that didn’t interest me; as my life was of little or no interest to them. Yet, I thought it would be nice to spy in on them from time to time.

I don’t know of all the mechanics of Facebook, nor do I want to. It’s kind of like one of those situations if you know too much about something it means you don’t have a real life.

People, old friends and family, started ‘friending.’ I accepted their ‘friending.’ Their posts appeared on my page. Some I didn’t like. Someone said there is a way to block a post without ‘unfriending.’ But, I reasoned, wouldn’t they eventually know the action had been taken? It’s kind of like getting a letter and never opening it. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Some of the postings contained vulgar and inappropriate language. In addition some disturbing illustrations and pictures came my way.

I considered posting a disclaimer. Yet, those pictures.

One in particular was of an infant with cancer. The origin was for a cancer research fund. It was well-meaning, but in my view inappropriate and disturbing.

Many might refer to me as religious. I read the Bible daily and speak about it openly to people, but I‘m careful not to take umbrage. I expect the same. I detest religious symbols, stories, experiences, and illustrations laced and dripping with sentimentality not based on things found in the Bible. These, likewise, found their way to my site.

There was little remaining for me to do. I closed my Facebook account.

I suppose there is a value in Facebook for some, but not me. I wanted to share some family stories with the younger generation in my family. I blogged about my Mom, Dad, and sisters. I set up a special blog for my family. I share some old photos and tell the story behind them. By blogging I control all the content and likewise others can visit or not.

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A Handsome Name

Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

The curtain fell. The opera was over and the audience slowly filed from the theater. Everyone talked about the baritone, his looks, his voice, and his stage presence. No one was more excited and giddy than two sisters, Lucille age sixteen and Minnie fourteen.

“Did you see how gorgeous he was?” Minnie said.

“His voice was so pure I thought my heart was about to melt away,” Lucille said.

“We got to rush too the hospital and tell Momma,” Minnie said. “Do you have the program. It has his picture on it.”

“Yes I have it. I’m having it framed. Do you have enough money left to take the street car?” Lucille said.

“I used the extra to buy the program,” Minnie said.

“That’s okay,” Lucille said. “We can run just as fast.”

“I hope Momma hasn’t named our brother yet,” Minnie said. “Once she sees the picture on the program she’ll want to name him after our gorgeous baritone.”

The girls ran until their legs were about to give out. They slowed to catch their breath in a cold crisp November evening.

“He’s so handsome,” Minnie said breathless.

“How could anybody be that handsome?” Lucille said.

“I wonder if he’s married?” Minnie said.

“Oh, Minnie,” Lucille said. “He’s too old for you, but he’s just right for me,” and she giggled.

“You’re sixteen,” Minnie said. “You’re not ready for marriage.”

“I’ll soon be,” Lucille said assuredly. “And he’ll wait for me; all gentlemen with breeding do that.”

“I’m just two years behind you and when he sees my beautiful green eyes and curls he’ll wait for me,” Minnie fluttered her eyes and stroked her hair. “Besides I got sass.”

“Men of good breeding don’t like sass,” Lucille said and added softly. “They like women who are demur like me.”

“When did you become demur?” Minnie said.

“Right now,” Lucille said and began running toward the hospital.

“Demur girls don’t run,” Minnie said and ran after Lucille.

The girls arrived at the hospital. They caught their breath and sneaked past the receptionist’s and the nurse’s desk in the maternity ward. They slipped quietly into Momma’s room.

She was holding their five day old brother.

“Oh girls,” Momma said. “I wasn’t expecting you. It’s past visiting hours. Nothing is wrong is it?’

“No, Momma,” Lucille whispered we have something important for you to consider.

“First of all, how was the opera?” Momma said.

“It was gorgeous,” Minnie said.

“She means the baritone was gorgeous,” Lucille said.

“We’re both gonna marry him,” Minnie chuckled.

“Look, Momma,” Lucille said. “Here is his picture on the program.”

Momma held the picture near the light. “He is very handsome. I’d be proud to have him as a son-in-law even if he was married to both of you at the same time. That would mean only one extra setting at Thanksgiving.”

“Momma,” Lucille said. “Have you named our brother yet?”

“No,” Momma said.

“Now hold the program close to our brother,” Minnie said. “If they don’t resemble each other I don’t know who would.”

“Well they are both handsome,” Momma said.

“Please, please name our brother after our handsome opera singer,” Minnie pleaded.

Momma looked at the name on the program. “That’s a good strong name. Only a handsome boy should have that name. Yes, we’ll name him Byron Jackson.”

“Isn’t that a handsome name?” Minnie said.

“Names aren’t handsome,” Lucille corrected.

“This one is,” Minnie savored with her hands clutched to her heart.

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Plan A; A-jayi, But Who Is Plan B?



When DJ Harper was injured a few years back Doug Martin stepped in. He rapidly asserted himself as one of college football’s best running backs. Martin was the best plan B ever.

Than Harper became the plan B running back behind Doug Martin (things happen).

Few realized how good of a running back Harper was until last year. With a questionable offensive line he turned in a stellar year.



Jay Ajayi was last year’s plan B. And what a plan B!. He averaged nearly seven yards per carry.

What will Ajayi’s year be like with opponents keying on his obvious talent? Can he step up to being a team leader? There has been concern echoed by Petersen about his practice ethic. Yes, you want a guy who is at his best is on the day of the game, you don’t want him to leave his best on the practice field.

Let me use an example, Paul Hornung, a Heisman winner in 1956 from Notre Dame. He was called the “Golden Boy.” He didn’t like to practice and often missed them. Imagine the effect that had on his team? The year Hornung won the Heisman Notre Dame was 2 – 8.



How a person practices may have little to do with how well they do on game day, but it effects the rest of the team.

Ajayi must become the hardest working guy on the offensive team. Guys will chop-block the Devil to give him a running lane.

With Ajayi firmly established as the number one running back, who is plan B? Everyone is pointing to Derrick Thomas, the junior college transfer. At this point the only association with a good running back he a has, is his name. He has not taken one snap in a division one game. In fact, he wasn’t even the best runner at Butler Community College last year. Let’s give him a chance, but not crown him second-in-command just yet.

It would not surprise me to see Jack Fields emerge as a rival to Jay Ajayi before the season is over. Indeed, they are two



different types of runners and may be used much like Martin and Harper. Fields is fast, extremely quick, and allusive.

There are no predictions here. Let’s see what Derrick Thomas can do at a Division 1 level.



Devan Demas is another guy that has all the tools to be a great Division I back. He’s not big, but he’s a quick, fast, and crafty. He is a brilliant open field runner using blockers as good as the best. He is a game breaker who is quickly in the secondary while the camera is still on the quarterback.

Charles Bertoli could show up big this fall. He was impressive in the spring game. Bertoli has plenty of heart. He wants to

prove himself at this level. That is a powerful motivation, being an underdog. That makes him a Boise natural.



Everyone is awaiting the arrival of Aaron Baltazar. To date, he is Boise State highest rated recruit. Will he be given a chance to make an impact?

Ajayi is clearly the front runner in the backfield. Yet there are at least five other runners who could step up and make an impact.

Ajayi has the ability to raise the bar for the other runners. He will do that by practicing hard and being the kind of leader to push everybody to be plan B+.


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The Ultimate Stoner

Daily Prompt: Switcheroo

If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

(Writers note: There are blogs I really like, but not to the point of ever switching. I don’t want to ever switch places with anyone. I screwed up one life why screw up another? So here’s a little switcheroo story I came up with, hope you enjoy it. It’s called The Ultimate Stoner.)

“Did you wish you were ever anybody else?” Jake said and took a heavy drag. “Like switch with another person for awhile.”

“Oh yeah,” Bruce said. “I had this intense desire to switch places and be John Kennedy Jr.? He’s got looks, money, power, brains, women; you name it, he had it. Pass that over to me.”

“That’s cool,” Jake said. “He’s one I never thought about.”

“But that kind of thing never happens,” Bruce said taking a heavy drag.

“Sure, it does,” Jake says. “It happens all the time. It’s just not reported. It all has to do with your mind. If you will it hard enough and smoke some weed you can do it.”

“I got the weed part down pretty pat,” Bruce said. “But I don’t have the will.”

“Yes ya do,” Jake said. “You’re just itching to tell me about the time you was John Kennedy Jr.”

“Don’t tell anyone, okay,” Bruce said.

“Okay your secret is kept with me,” Jake said. “You know me I don’t say anything I know about.”

“You don’t know about nothing,” Bruce said.

“Just in case I remember something I won’t remember it because or you,” Jake said. “Now tell me about switching with the Kennedy dude!”

“I can’t fly,” Bruce said.

“Oh no, dude!, You didn’t!” Jake said.

“I pulled back to me seconds before the crash,” Bruce said. “Remember not a word.”

“Oh man, I got to go to the papers with this one,” Jake said.

“But dude, you promised,” Bruce said.

“Yeah, man, a man’s word is his bond,” Jake said. “I never told the cops where your stash was.”

“Now what about you,” Bruce said.

“Dude look at me,” Jake said. “I’m a poster child for not trading places with somebody. Sometimes you can’t pull back. You’re stuck in that person.”

“What do you mean?” Bruce said.

“I switched when I was young and was never able to get back to me,” Jake said. “It’s a disaster.”

“What do you mean?” Bruce said.

“I was in my twenties,” Jake said. “All I wanted was drugs, sex, and rock n roll.”

“So did you get it?” Bruce said.

“Sure did,” Jake said.


“I picked the wrong guy,” Jake said. “I thought it was the right guy. Not the front man or lead singer. The guy in the background that nobody notices, but still have all the fun.”

“Like how could you pick the wrong guy?” Bruce said.

“Dude, look at me!” Jake said. “Who wants to look like Keith Richards?”


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The Right Apparel For An Emotional Journey

images[4]Daily Prompt: Journey

Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one.

Billy was emotionally weary. The game was over. The Jets lost another one and Lucy wanted to talk. She was emotionally desolate. Billy sat on the couch and listened to her for two hours after the game. Finally he got up

“Don’t just get up and walk away,” Lucy said. “I want to hear what you think and feel.”

“Ya were talkin’ so much,” Billy said. “That’s what I was thinkin’ about, what ya was sayin‘.”

“Tell me what you thought of what I said,” Lucy said. “That’s what I mean.”

“I haven’t even had time to think about how the Jets lost this afternoon,” Billy said. “As soon as the game was over, the TV went off, and the next thing I know yer sayin’ ya want to take me on this emotional journey.”

“You mean you couldn’t go from the Jets to me in a moment?” Lucy said.

“Well yeah,” Billy said. “I didn’t even have time to change cloths. When ya go on a journey, any kind of journey, ya gotta change for it. Remember when we went out just to get a pizza the other night? It took ya an hour and a half for ya to get ready. We’re back home in less than an hour. An hour and half to get ready to go some place for an hour don’t make sense. No more than ten percent of yer time should be spent getting ready for something. It‘s a rule someplace.”

“I’m not talking about that,” Lucy said. “I’m talking about your feelings.”

“Exactly,” Billy said. “Ya want me to talk about feelin’s with half my face painted white the other half painted green and my lucky Joe Nameth jersey on? Ya don‘t want that do ya?”

“Just want your attention,” Lucy pleaded. “I want you to go with me on an emotional journey to search for who we are. To find an emotional get away, to explore the pathways to our hearts, and the caverns of our souls together. To go where only our imagination can take us.”

Billy wiped the white and green paint from his face. He slowly sat on the couch next to Lucy. Something happened to him that moment. It was as if his heart had surrendered and being led to a peaceful place. It was a garden full of wonder, sounds, and odors. There was the perfect blend of shade and sunlight. The birds fluttered and sung as if orchestrated by a master chorographer and maestro.

“You feel it don’t you, Billy,’ Lucy said. “Tell me what you feel from your heart.”

A tear trickled from Billy’s eye. “I’ve never felt this way before.”

“Oh, Billy,” Lucy said. “Just tell me what you feel.”

Billy smiled softly. “Can you take yer New England Patriot’s helmet off first?”

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