Madelyn Laughs

Daily Prompt: Cringe-Worthy

Do you feel uncomfortable when you see someone else being embarrassed? What’s most likely to make you squirm?

Madelyn was as cruel as she was beautiful, but seductively so.

Kyle was a weird sort of kid, innocent as he was common. Perhaps beyond the stringy hair, dark rim glasses, and the teeth he had not grown into was a prince in the making. Yet for most of his academic career he had been ignored by students and teachers alike.

Madelyn saw him as a project to introduce to the world.

She pretended to like him and eventually exchanged text messages. From a casual observer it would be apparent they were to the point of being in love, but no such word existed in Madelyn’s vocabulary.

After three weeks of texts with Kyle she had enough material to share Kyle’s most personal thoughts and fantasies. Madelyn posted them on here Facebook account and quickly and cruelly Kyle was the object of ridicule.

Deep inside he knew it was a hoax all along, but he wanted it to be true. And for a brief interlude the imaginary text affair with Madelyn were the finest weeks of his life. In his heart he had loved.

Kyle sat in front of Madelyn in English Literature. Just before the sound of the bell to end class Kyle leaned over the side of his seat to gather his books beneath. That’s when it happened. The muscles used to hold in the gas had been reassigned to maintain his balance in order for him not to fall to the floor. The gas sprung past the cheeks of his buttocks and through the fabric of his clothing like the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. It was immediately met with an equal force of laughter from the class.

Kyle had already endured the most humiliating and torturous week of his life. This outburst was nothing in comparison.

He turned to Madelyn, beautiful, cruel, and heartless Madelyn. Her laugh was the most hideous of the others.

If anyone had ever doubted why she played the hoax on Kyle it was now quickly erased, for it was now apparent to all that Kyle was meant to be an object of jokes and focal point of ridicule. He was born and bred to be such. He was to be the burden of everybody else’s shame. Everybody would now place their own insecurities on Kyle’s shoulders so no one would find fault with them.

Madelyn’s guffawing became so vigorous she snorted. Each snort became progressively louder. Before long the whole class took great delight in her painful, hideous, and nauseating performance.

Kyle said, as though he wanted no one else to hear – but everyone did, “That’s okay, my dear, keep it up and I’ll pretend I was the one who farted.”

Her embarrassing, disturbing, and bizarre style of laughter was picked up by five students’ phone recorders and before the school day was over Madelyn was a YouTube wonder.



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