Never Finish What You Start

Nah, that ain't for me. I'd rather stay with the meek and trembling.
Nah, that ain’t for me. I’d rather stay with the meek and trembling. I’ll let all the bold brave stuff to my stupid clone.

Daily Prompt: Clone Wars

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

My first thought to this prompt was the world couldn’t take two of me, yet the world was able to absorb Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin at the same time.

But, I’ll play along in order to get along. This is the way I’d split me up; I would have a Starter-Me and the Finisher-Me.

My inclination is to start things and not finish. If I had a Finisher-Me my yard work would be done, my garage would be cleaned, my room would be organized, and I would have another ten novels to my name – or should I rightfully say our name.

But what if my Finisher-Me didn’t like what my Starter-Me started? What if the Starter-Me didn’t like the way the Finisher-Me completed the Starter-Me’s task? I see nothing , but problems.

Maybe that’s it; Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin had good Starter-Me’s and left the job to the Finisher-Me’s.

The Starter-Hitler retired to a villa in Bavaria and played with puppies the rest of his life. He left the job to the Finisher-Hitler who ended up in a Berlin bunker next to Eva Braun.

Starter-Mussolini got tired of dictatorship and opened a small café in Tuscany and left Ethiopia to Finisher-Mussolini. Finisher-Mussolini ended up dead with thirty-five bullet holes from the rifles of five-hundred Italian sharp shooters.

After Starter-Stalin purged the officer corps of his military he retired to a dacha on the steppes of Russian and split wood for the rest of his days. Finisher-Stalin had to meet with Roosevelt and Churchill, divide Europe, smell cigarette and cigar smoke, and pretend to be amused by British humour.

I’m seeing a pattern emerging why you should never finish what you start.

At this moment Finisher-Me would be assigned all my proof reading and editing. All the creative work will be left to Starter-Me. Creative-Starter-Me must be pampered in order to give Finisher-Me something to do. Without it Finisher-Me’s life would be numb and meaningless. So Starter-Me needs an environment conducive to starting stuff and not finishing. I’m thinking a secluded beach on the Caribbean with a four stool bar that serves margaritas all day long near a grove of palm trees.

And never, no never would I ever allow Finisher-Me have a peek into Starter-Me’s world.



  1. Please let Starter Volcano know which island Starter Kenton chooses, and get the starter Bartender to set me up with a Starter frozen margarita. I get started that way soon!

  2. I love the idea of finisher and starter Me’s rather than fun/ chores/ illegal activities Me’s. And now I’m thinking about lots of other finisher Me’s… George Bush’s, Dick Cheney’s (though the one we know may already be his finisher) I wonder what Neil Gaiman’s finisher is like. I’m pretty sure I could use a finisher Me though, so I think I’ll join you at that bar in the Caribbean!

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