Eli’s (McCullough) Coming

Eli's Coming - soon.

Eli’s Coming – soon.

Eli McCullough is a home grown offensive tackle. He’s from Meridian, Idaho; take the connecter to Fairview Avenue and drive west. When you see Krispy Kreme donuts you’re in Meridian.

Why did I mention Krispy Kreme? Likely McCullough will be spending some time there to add a few more pounds to his 6’5” 256 frame. Just kidding! He’ll add weight by adding muscle in the weight room.

Indeed, he is a little slim for a major college program.

Now that is out of the way I don’t think that will be a problem with him. McCullough has other things going for him. He is not raw talent. He is already polished. He is disciplined.

I watch a lot of video. McCullough is one of the fastest offensive linemen I have seen off the snap. That’s meant in two way; the immediate burst during the snap of the ball and finding his block. Many players have the first part, but the second comes from an understanding of the game. When his side of the line is flooded he gets the right block every time.

This brings up another key factor and that is the timing of his blocks. On some plays the blocker has to engage immediately and on other plays that can be disastrous. There are plays the blocker must hesitate to see how the defense is reacting. Anybody can go out there and hit bodies. A football player must hit the right body. McCullough knows where to go and who to block.

There’s an old Three Dog Night song called Eli’s Coming. From Meridian to Boise Eli McCullough didn’t have to come far, but in the next few years he will go a long way.

Three Dog Night’s Eli’s Coming


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