Rhapsody In Blue Turf

Sometimes called Smurf Turf.
Sometimes called Smurf Turf.

Daily Prompt: Critical Eye

Write about the subject you usually blog about as if you were a music critic.

When I first moved to Boise in the summer of ‘08 I was already a Boise State fan.

A few years earlier my son and I went for a golfing weekend to Myrtle Beech on Thanksgiving. I wore a Boise State sweat shirt. We stopped into a restaurant to eat. A guy walked across the room and said to me, “Hey, ain’t you the guys with the blue turf?”

I went to a Michigan football game in the fall of ’07. I wore one of my Boise State shirts. A policeman directing traffic in the center of the intersection yelled at me when crossing the street, “Boise State, what’s that?” The policeman was trying to have a little fun at my expense, but I play that game too. I yelled back, “You know ‘state.’ You can put ‘state’ on the end of anything and walk away from here with a win; you know Ohio – State and Appalachian – ‘state.’ (Referring to multiple straight loses to their rival Ohio State and the embarrassing loss to the sub-division school, Appalachian State – Michigan’s worst loss.)

My first summer in Boise I took the grandchildren to McDonalds and watched them play. A father of another child who was playing struck up a conversation with me. I told him I moved here recently from the Midwest. He proudly said, “You’ve heard about Boise State, haven’t you? Did you see the game against Oklahoma?”

This past year I have blogged about Boise State football. Currently I write a brief profile about junior college or high school players who have recently signed to play at Boise. I find videos of them and report what I see.

So if a musical critic I would have to approach Boise State football as if hearing George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue for the first time.

I have yet to hear anything like it (Boise State). It defies everything I thought I knew about music (football). It is seductive, enchanting, and inspiring. It is a piece that will endure and will be known as its composer’s (Head coach, Chris Petersen) signature piece.

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