The Phone That Never Rings

imagesCA565U5UDaily Prompt: Unknown Caller

You receive a call from someone an unexpected person. Who is it, and what is the conversation about? Go!

I think about people in my past. There are things recalled with clarity about them; little stories, impressions they left with me, things they said, and things they did.

There is this desire in me to talk to them no matter how far in my past they are.

A few years ago I was shopping in a store thirty miles from home. I saw another guy shopping. I immediately knew who he was. It had been over forty years (third grade) since I last talked to him. We were buddies back then.

I approached him in a way as if he only looked familiar and innocently connected the dots for him though a series of questions. He looked at me and smiled. “You’re ole man owned the bar, right?” He remembered. It was good to see him, talk to him, and shake his hand. In a few moments we filled each other in on our lives and recalled names not uttered in decades.

This has led to disappointment too. Sometimes a person has no clue who I am or only vaguely recalls me.

Two years ago I obtained the number of a boy from the fourth and fifth grade. I called him. He remembered me and we talked a few times by phone. It was sad to hear the tragedy his family experienced after we parted, but gratifying to know he was in good spirits and had a good and productive life.

Its puzzling why I like doing that. I’m convinced there is something wrong with me. Do I have unresolved issues? In my mind, I just want people to know they are remembered and mattered to me. Or maybe it’s affirmation that is being looked for that I am remembered and mattered to them.

Recently I thought about a guy that was in the service with me. He has the the same name as a famous producer (not Spielberg). I Googled his name (not Spielberg’s). That led me to a lawyer in a law firm. His military service in his bio matched. For a couple of days I struggled with the thought of calling him. Finally I called and we had a fun conversation. He thanked me for remembering him and helping him recall some good times and old names.

"I'm waiting!"
“I’m waiting!”

There is another call I’ve thought about making; it is to my bunkmate from basic training. I found his number. I’ve had it for a couple of years, but I don’t call. There is within me a certain fear of not being remembered.

This leads to a sadness often considered; a phone that doesn’t ring. There are phone calls I long for, but fear will never happen. If that phone call comes it will be greeted with tears.




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  1. Steven A. Vandersande from Oshkosh,Wisconsin. Clearly the character Niles Crane from the sitcom “Frasier” was modeled after him. We went through Basic and Advanced Training together and he was the one who warned me not to go to Air Assault School. I should have listened. His call would be welcome even with a long overdue ” I told you so!” .

  2. Great story and you are wonderful for doing this. My hubby just learned the wonderful world of Facebook and has gotten in touch with three tours of buddies…they were glad. He has shared a lot and it has helped them all, including him. Thank you for sharing. Thank you also for the ping back.

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