Cleshawn Page – Another Page In Bronco History

Cleshawn Page, another page in Bronco history.

Cleshawn Page, another page in Bronco history.

Cleshawn Page is a tough corner back who comes to Boise State by way of Harbor Junior College in Los Angles.

He was recruited by several mid-level college football programs. He paid visits to three schools, but decided on Boise State despite not visiting the campus. Boise State is quickly getting a reputation where a player can go and grow. They are not pigeonholed or fall between the cracks.

Page is a pure and versatile athlete with great skills and instincts on defense. He exhibits patience on run/pass and play/fake situations. He is cautious and patient, but strikes like a cobra when the opponent commits.

He anticipates what quarterbacks are thinking as if he’s reading their minds. It’s a terrible thing when a corner back gets inside the head of an opposing quarterback. That’s when snapped balls hit the quarterback in the face-mask.

His 4.2 forty speed puts him at the top of the heap for the possibility of being a return man also. In the past Boise has had some trouble with being out ran in the secondary. With the addition of Page that makes it near impossible.

A team can never have enough talented corners and safeties on defense. At other positions if a key man goes down, adjustments and compensation can be made; there is always someone behind who can fill a gap or finish-off a slowed down runner, but not tackled. The only thing behind a corner or safety is the end zone. Boise State has another talented defensive back that will show up on game day ready to make an impact.

Boise State is entering another chapter in its history. The Moore era has a season between. Last year was the beginning of a new chapter. That chapter has not yet been completed. We don’t know who the outstanding characters will be, but we do know what is on one page – Cleshawn; a page (or Page) with drama, excitement, and intrigue. I can’t wait to get to that page and see how it reads.



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2 responses to “Cleshawn Page – Another Page In Bronco History

  1. I would like to comment by saying something worthy or awesome about the article and the player, But I can’t can only say welcome to Boise we need Cleshawn where the coaches very rarely ever make mistakes on offering quality people to the team. Cleshawn is endorsed by you as that kind of BSU quality it seeks and that adds to the team in a depleted area. Thank you Cleshawn for coming to Boise. I look forward to you doing great things at BSU.

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