I Blog So Therefore I Am Or Is It I Am So Therefore I Blog?

Writing is a long drawn-out process. Blogging has allowed some of us lazy people to show our stuff.
Writing is a long drawn-out process. Blogging has allowed some of us lazy people to show our stuff.

Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

Why do you blog?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. When in high school I wrote for the school newspaper. I wrote the most column inches for the year and received an award from the Toledo Blade for the best written sports article in a school newspaper.

Over the years I sat down with a pencil or typewriter with paper and wrote. In the early 90s I bought a computer. I wrote for my employer’s newsletter.

During that time I submitted several short stories to literary journals. This was a frustrating process; submitting a work and waiting weeks or months for a reply. I was always happy to receive a note of rejection when followed with a reason. I learned from it. A few of my stories were accepted.

I submitted a manuscript for a book. I was told to build on or add descriptive and raw sexual tension, conflict, and uncertainty and exploit it – no thanks.

A manuscript was sent to a “Christian” agent. The story included the main character’s question about God’s care for him and desire to be good. The agent said if the character doesn’t ‘come to Jesus’ he did not want to represent me.

So I’m stuck with a bunch of stories in my head and pages of manuscripts and no place to go.

I just want to share my stories.

I write because I like to write and I blog cause nobody wants me.

That is hyperbole, so please don’t think I’m feeling sorry for myself. I quite happy and pleased. Sophisticated and good people say good things about what I write. What I mean is that blogging offers an opportunity to write the way I want and am.

Why they blog:

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  1. I really dig this because I think it’s got something for everyone in it. I especially connect with the ability to write what I want. This is hard to do in academia because many simply want hard facts. Life isn’t about hard facts though, it’s about narratives. There’s a new genre of research called autoethnography out there that was just introduced to me in September last year. Before that, my writing was simply typed to get a grade. After that concept was introduced to me, my writing became more than that, it became art.

    I think that you really have something here, something that sounds an AWFUL like something I would write.

    Great entry.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter.
      When I wrote for my employer’s newsletter they offered awards to the facilities with good newsletters. The set down a criteria. When it was reviewed with our staff we concluded it was a criteria for a very boring newslatter. We wanted good content and readership not awards.

      • Right! That shows just how considerate you are to the reader. I think that if one can mesh what they want to say with what the reader will most want to read and enjoy, you’ve got something!

  2. My wife ask me why I blog on the internet for Free and use all of my good material open for someone else to steal! Being naturally sarcastic, my response was “who wants to steal junk!” utter silence…………….”Then that’s what you think of your stories? Junk? Then why do you have a publisher?”
    I paused ……then replied “so I can have a professional tell me its garbage!”
    “Okay, sign right here and transfer all the copyrights over to me! ” she said. ” I thought I did that over 30 years ago at the Court House!” I replied. She said ” You did! I’m just updating your contract!”

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