Les Boise Lumineux, Idaho

There are no words worthy of this scene. The beauty of the earth is a gift from God.
There are no words worthy of this scene. The beauty of the earth is a gift from God.

Daily Prompt: Turn, Turn, Turn

For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to?

The earth is so ingratiatingly beautiful. It is no wonder that all those space aliens from those 50s B movies wanted to come and conquer and colonize the earth. There is not another planet like it. It stands beautifully and resplendently unique.

If that in itself is not enough, it changes costumes as it were; at least for those who live in climates that have distinctive seasons.

Several years ago a friend from Nigeria said, “Oh yes, we have two seasons, wet and dry.” He was struck in awe of the change and diversity of seasons offered by the Midwest.

I have grown to love, appreciate, and celebrate the advent of each new season, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each has its own special way of treating your senses to delights often passed over and taken for granted.

Fall is my choice. My wife and I spent three falls in Massachusetts early in our marriage. That time holds a special fondness for us. The fall there overwhelmed us. We ventured long drives down back roads and into small communities like Concord, Pepperal, Groton, and Littleton. The beauty of a crimson and yellow leaves is far better than what I could possibly describe.

At our last home in Ohio two maples, red and yellow, stood in our front yard. Our bedroom had a balcony facing the front yard. On crisp mornings I sat on the balcony with a coffee and the leaves were so bright you could almost feel the warmth from their glow.

Nearly five years ago my wife and I moved to Boise, Idaho. There was a certain dread that disappointment was about to come our way when the fall arrived. September was hot with no signs of what we had been accustomed.

Southwestern Idaho is just like northeastern Nevada. It’s dry with few trees. Boise is the exception. Trees thrive off the region that lies on both sides of the Boise River.

Normally colors in the East and Midwest are at peak vibrancy for about a week. I speculated in Boise there would be no sharp and vibrant colors. Was I ever surprised! The falls in Boise are incredibly bright. There are neighborhoods in and near downtown Boise that have the feel of the East coast. The most satisfying part of the falls in Boise is its length; red and yellow maples will hold their color for at least three weeks of more.

The things I miss the most about the East and Midwest are available to me in Boise, but several times over, but I still miss them.

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful place. I only ever heard the words ‘Boise and Idaho’ in a Lynryd Skynyrd song before today.

  2. How I wish to experienced winter, spring and fall and see for myself the wonders of the earth as each season unfolds, as what you have described here in your post. I’m mesmerized.
    Thanks for the pingback.

  3. I also come from a country of two seasons… well maybe three: dry, short rains and long rains, and I must admit that experiencing autumn was interesting for me too. It was not yet too cold to be uncomfortable and there was a different kind of color in my world than I was used to.

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