Nobdy knows it all so nobody can teach it all. Nobody can learn it all, but you can learn how to think.
Nobdy knows it all so nobody can teach it all. Nobody can learn it all, but you can learn how to think.

Daily Prompt: Alma Mater

You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech.

If you want advice ask the oldest person in your family, presumably that will be a grandparent. Next in line will be your parents, aunts, and uncles. Never ask advice from a peer. Perhaps you there is a trusted friend of the family. NEVER DO WHAT YOUR HEART TELLS YOU. If some one gives you advice to do what is in your heart they are only looking for a way not to accept blame later. Smile politely and move on as if you never ask them anything, no matter who gives you that advice.

Don’t judge people just learn to size them up: Select friends and associates with the same caution you might buy a car or house. Do some research. Check the maintenance schedule. Take it to an expert. Have the foundation checked. Make sure the wiring is up to code.

Don’t acquire dept: If you owe a person or company money they become your master. Treat your assets like prized possessions. Think in terms that everybody wants to own you and take your money. Don’t become a miser, be generous where generosity is warranted, but don’t throw your money away. Never buy the advertised price.

Read good books: What ever you choose to feed your mind is the condition it will be in. The stuff you may think is crap may really be manure. Ask good people what they read. Ask them what they liked about what they read. Don’t read books written by or about celebrities or politicians. Don’t take any of their advice.

Don’t watch TV: I know a family who had no TV. The kids were the brightest in their school. They were informed, quick-witted, reliable, industrious, friendly, honest, well-liked, popular, and focused. One person in the community asked me if I could bring a sample of water from their well so he could have it tested; there had to be something in the water.

Remember as much as you can about what you are taught in school. Even the things that are not true. Years after graduating from school I met up with my old biology teacher. At first he didn’t remember me. He invited me inside to his den and found his grade book from that year. “You were not one of my better students were you?” It jogged his memory and before long he was telling me things about myself. We discussed the Bible and evolution. I recall in my school years he prefaced nearly all discussions with “this” or “that” evolved into “this” or “that.” Now I challenged him. “If this were so the species would have died off. This had to be present from the beginning.” “A cell became sensitive to light and eventually the eye. That is far-fetched.” “Organs and sensory devices seem to be strategically positioned in the body in all creatures, how is that possible without a designer?” “How did the owl evolve so differently from a seagull?” My questions went on and on as he added details of his own curiosity. Somewhere near the end of our conversation he said he was happy to see that I didn’t except what he was teaching. I was dumfounded. “Why did you teach it?” I asked. “Because that is what was in the book,” he said.

School should not teach you what to think, but how to think: THINK!

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I think you deserve an explanation. When I speak of the heart, I speak about emotions. Emotions are good, but not to make decisions with. The exceptions would be if the heart is in harmony with reason and intellect.

      • Thanks for the explanation Kenton. It’s your perspective and so I respect that. I’m an emotional kinda guy and my heart has led me into all kinds of trouble but I wouldn’t have it any other way 😉

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