Nobody Influences Me More Than …

Guess whose at the helm?
Guess whose at the helm?

Daily Prompt: Share the Love

Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

When a person submits a comment about what I wrote has given them a positive thought or another way of seeing something I am overwhelmed. It is the readers and their comments that influence me.

Later this month I planned to write about the blogs that I seldom ever miss. I will take the time to mention them in advance, because they fit the Daily Prompt.

The first is Tis A Pity He’s a Writer by Richard Daybell. He currently posts everyday a series named “Wretched Richard’s Almanac.” His style is poetic and whimsical. He his nearly flawless in his prose. He is a writer’s writer.

Another blog I enjoy immensely is Fight Against Stupidity and Bureaucracy (FASAB). I can’t find the name of the writer. With the amount of time it must take to compile his material I have often suspected it’s more than one person or he spends a lot of time on the blog. His posts are thought-provoking and humorous. He has an unending supply of material – humans.

Inkspeare by Maria Antonia Diaz is another blog I read nearly every post. She is a writer who will often write about the challenges and obstacles of writing along with the remedies and cures. I always pull away from her blog with something to think about or a nugget of advice.

Lastly I read Through the Looking Glass by Vertice C. Jones, a new blogger. His style is simple and direct. He’s not fancy or fluffy. His writings carry an unmistakable message and along the way he takes time to poke fun at others and himself. He really makes me think.

All of these writers have one thing in common; their writing is honest. They influence me to do the same. I recommend them.

But the ‘prompt’ was who influences me the most? It’s me. That way no one else gets credit or blame. If you answer anything other than yourself, you are delusional or haven’t thought about it long enough. Sure we can say that others influence us and how they do it, but it is us that allows that influence to enter our minds and motives.

Other bloggers under the influence:

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  1. I thank you the acknowledgement Mr. Lewis. I have to say that you are my most influential writer since I found this medium! You have a warm and quickening wit in your style, that I hope to attain someday. While I agree that each writer is the most influential person in their writing style, I think that we all effect each other. If your picture each writer as a drop of water in a placid lake, a stone or another drop of water will cause ripples that will continue across the whole body of water. In a way we are all connected, and all effected by each other and by a moon 239,000 thousand miles away.

  2. Many thanks for the mention and the kind words about my blog. I’m also going to check out the others you have highlighted as well although getting time to read them regularly is another thing.
    Oh, and you are absolutely right, humans are a great source of material 🙂

    • My words to you are well deserved.
      People enjoy watching puppies and kittens at play. It’s entertaining and funny. Human children at play is touching, but not funny, but when they become adults they intuitively have mastered the art of comedy; they are like puppies and kittens at play.
      So who are you? You can send it privately to

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