The Greatest Escape

Pressure and time.
Pressure and time.

Daily Prompt: Escape!

Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

In the movie, Shawshank Redemption, Andy says geology is the study of pressure and time.

Good escapes are slow and methodical.

Years ago when I worked for a state institution, three men escaped. They worked in the kitchen.

One found an adjustable wrench left laying around by a maintenance man.

At the rear of the kitchen out of the way of everyone was a door sealed with thirty-six nuts and bolts. Each day at least one of the three inmates turned a nut slightly; as little as a couple of turns a day. When a nut was completely loosened it was pasted back in place with a chewing gum. It took months to loosen all thirty-six.

They waited for a very foggy morning and quickly popped the sealed door from door held by nuts and chewing gum. The think fog obscured the view of the guards in the towers. They climbed the fence and ran to freedom.

The last to be captured was the ring leader. He was walking along the streets of Cleveland. He thought a police car was following him and took off running. That aroused the police officer’s suspicions and they stopped him for questioning. That was enough to figure out he was an escapee.

For thirty years I worked in a factory. It was like a prison, guards, chain link fence, and barbed wire included. The company wanted my body and mind; the union wanted my union dues and mind. I gave what I could. I always did what was expected and little more for the company. For the union; they only got my union dues.

My mind was the place to where I escaped.



  1. What a great story! It sounds like to me by having a flick through your blog you have lead an interesting life! I look forward to reading more! Take care x

  2. It is true, the mind is a safe haven, until they are able to infiltrate it – futuristic take – scary :{

  3. a little too deep for a simple boy like me. Maybe, just maybe, with another half century under my belt i will at least get the right march madness picks.

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