Old Glove Old Desk Old Sweater Old Me

My first baseball gloves.
My first baseball gloves.

Daily Prompt: Prized Possession

Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?

Admittedly I have an attachment to things; small things that remind me of the past.

My Dad bought a glove for me when it looked as if there was a good chance for me to start at shortstop on my little league baseball team. A couple of years later he bought a first baseman’s mitt for me. I still have them. It’s a reminder of hot sunny days on dusty diamonds as a kid and being my Dad’s pride.

I write on the desk my mother bought as a gift on my fourteenth birthday. A matching bookcase came with it. I have another blog which isn’t used often. It’s called My Old Brown Desk.

A year before purchasing the desk and bookcase Mom and Dad purchased a set of World Book Encyclopedias. Mom and Dad thought my grades would improve. They didn’t, but they opened up a world of wonder and knowledge. Those encyclopedias were stored for a while in a damp place and took on mold. They had to be destroyed.

It reminds me of a Midwest farm house bedroom in which the desk and bookcase rested. I tried studying, but was seduced by my imagination to wander through the encyclopedias and read about places far from the farm fields of northwest Ohio.

When sixteen I saved my money from bailing hay on nearby farms and bought my school cloths. My favorite item was a green Jantzen sweater. I slip it on nearly every day. I have another blog that features only short stories. It is named My Old Green Sweater.

Each item represents a gift from the people most dear to me when growing up. They were gifts with good motives and pure hearts. Lastly was a gift purchased by myself to myself. I think sometimes that is important; buy something for just you. It’s not selfish or egotistical, just make it meaningful and memorable.

I’m not incredibly attached to those things; only the memories they beckon; Dad watching me play ball, Mom watching me study, and my first day at school wearing that sweater – I thought I was cool!

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  1. You are still cool. I know what you mean about the things themselves having the value… the ideas and the memories are the value. It is nice to have a tangible. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. There are a few other things I have that are in the same catagory: bronzed baby shoes, a basebal (major league), and a few old photos.
      Kenton Lewis

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