Kendal Keys, A Master Key

Kendal Keys in action, great on both sides of the ball.

Kendal Keys in action, great on both sides of the ball.

Kendal Keys is another top-flight California recruit from La Mesa, California’s Helix High School.

He is a pure athlete. He plays well on both sides of the ball. On offense he is wide receiver and defense he plays safety and corner.

His 6’ 3” 187 pound frame will likely make him best suited for wide receiver.

That being said, defensively, he has tremendous instincts for being where the ball is supposed to go. Many times he waits until the quarterback brings the arm forward and immediately dashes to the passing lane for an interception or to bat the ball to the ground.

His real talent is finding the soft spot, catching the ball, and out-running the opposition. His speed will also allow him to get behind the safety and into the open. This has been a missing piece in the Boise State offense since the days of Titus Young and Austin Pettis.

He has the skills to play on whatever side of the ball he sets his heart to. Although he appears to really play his best offensively, he may better suited for the defensive side of the ball. I hate seeing those 6’6” receivers take advantage of 5’10” corners on fades. At an agile 6’3” quarterbacks will likely over-shoot the fade and land the ball in the woodwind section.

Quarterback Joe Southwick has the arm to launch a long range missile attack, but last year there was no one to run under the ball. That was the key to the loss at Michigan State and San Diego; several passes were just a hair beyond the finger tips. Kendal Keys has long fingers.

By the time Keys comes to full maturity he’ll likely be catching balls from Ryan Finley or Nick Patti.

The versatility he brings to the college game will make him invaluable in the future. He’s sort of like the school janitor’s master key, it fits every doors.


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