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We are somehow led to believe that those who don't support gay marriage are the ones burning people at the stake. Is that actually true? Who are the ones marginalized for their opinion? Who are the ones who suffer the consequenses of expressing an opinion or view.
We are somehow led to believe that those who don’t support gay marriage are the ones burning people at the stake. Is that actually true? Who are the ones marginalized for their opinion? Who are the ones suffering the consequences of expressing an opinion or view?

Daily Prompt: Bone of Contention

Pick a contentious issue about which you care deeply — it could be the same-sex marriage debate, or just a disagreement you’re having with a friend. Write a post defending the opposite position, and then reflect on what it was like to do that. (Takes too much time.)

Wow! Same sex marriage. If you hold an opinion on this other that what the entertainment media, the liberal news organizations, and GLAD you are a bigoted homophobe who hates gays, freedom for all, and repressing your own gay tendencies. It is likely I boil children and eat them, a Nazi, hate puppies and kittens, and still think the earth is flat.

I’ve never seen a homosexual discriminated against. When I was in the Army one of my workmates came ’out.’ He did so to get kicked out of the Army. It took six months for his discharge to go through. He continued to work and got a promotion. It was as if nothing changed. We didn’t care.

I’ve worked in a shop for thirty years. There were a number of homosexual man and women working where I did. They got paid the same as I did and got promotions.

At no time in my working experience did I see any homosexuals discriminated against nor did they file a complaint. They drove nice cars, had nice homes, and I never saw them come in with a black eye or swollen face from being beat-up.

As to the gay marriage issue, that is up to the government. Whether homosexuals marry or not is none of my business. It makes little difference if they live together or married and living together.

Do I have personal conviction? Sure. but let me first take another bite of boiled kid and block my pop-up to renew my subscription to Nazi Monthly.

From a scriptural standpoint homosexuality is a sin. (Rom. 1:26,27; 1st Corinthians 6: 9-11) That does not make me any more judgmental than a judge sentencing a man to life because he confessed to murder and has knife dripping with blood in his hand. I’m not making up my own rules. It is just what the Bible says.

Six thousand years of human history supports that position also. The communists, who did everything they could to eradicate the Bible, God, and religion, did not allow homosexuals to marry.

The Bible does not say to beat them up, not serve them, don’t rent to them, or not to be kind to them.

Will I vote against a homosexual marriage law. No, I don’t vote. All I have is my opinion. As stated that opinion rests on six thousand years of recorded human history and the Bible.

Before ya’ll go ballistic with studies, genetics, and ’let’s burn him at the stake;’ there are studies that say I’m right and there are studies that say I’m wrong, there is genetic proof of a gay gene, there are all sorts of genes that are not good for us and we try to isolate them and combat against them, as to being ‘burned at the stake’ – cowards never make it that far. Their opinion changes to agree with the angry mob as soon as they smell the fire.

To return to the “Prompt,” is it a “bone of contention?” Not like in the classical sense; as if it drives me crazy. My ‘bone of contention’ is that people try to shout down my opinion or think of me as intellectually lazy or void. Like I said in the beginning and it bears repeating, it makes little difference to me, just let me have an opinion and don’t hate me for it the same way others think I hate homosexuals, because I don’t.

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  1. You’re not allowed an opinion if it is at odds with the liberal media fascists. They must have the freedom to do and say what they want, which includes denying others the same rights.

  2. Here we go again! Marriage is an INSTITUTION, With that said the purpose of this is to deal with the law between with a man and woman and the rights and responsibilities in the union. Children are naturally a product of that union. If there are not children produced naturally in the relationship, the there would be no need for the institution to survive beyond the death of one of the union or the dissolving of the marriage. That is the only reason for marriage. Same sex couple wants what nature has denied! But I am an open minded fellow, I think same sex couples should be able to legally marry. And when they get ready to quit, they should go through the pangs of divorce, alimony, palimony, and payoutmoney. Just like the rest of us!

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