Life Is Bowl Of Cherries; It Matters Who Does The Pickin’

Jim Bowsher, the only writer I'd trust to write my autobiograpy.
Jim Bowsher, the only writer I’d trust to write my biography.

Daily Prompt: Ghostwriter

If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?

When you ask someone to write something for you it normally means you trust what they have to say and how they will view what is asked to write about. Choosing someone to write your biography would be a challenge. It’s a trust.

If one is chosen from the past that is pure fancy. If possible, and it didn’t take me long to select, John Steinbeck. He speaks in simple and direct terms. From what I read about his life he studied people and quickly added them as characters to novels. Through shots of scotch he’d loosen my tongue and unscramble my inconsistencies of life and boil me down to a simple character. Yet, no matter how mundane my life might be, he’d make it exciting and memorable.

I've trusted Steinbeck enoughtto read all his works; I'd trust him to write my autobiography.
I’ve trusted Steinbeck enough to read all his works; I’d trust him to write my biography.

But reality demands a living writer be considered. I only know one. His name is Jim Bowsher. He writes under a closely kept secret pseudonym.

We met over thirty years ago. He is honest and caring. He speaks and writes from his heart with zest and enthusiasm.

We have sat for hours and shared stories (no scotch). We are sometimes like little kids waiting for one to finish his story so we can tell ours.

He has a curiosity that takes him beyond what is on the surface. He finds the little things in one’s life and illustrates how important they are. I can best put it this way; he knows it’s not the cloths that make the man, rather, it’s the thread that makes the cloths that the man chooses to wear.

Jim Bowsher – Story telling.

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