Without Them – Me Wouldn’t Be I

ScanDaily Prompt: VIP

Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

On my “About” page I take time to illustrate what motivates my writing. Without repeating myself it is forgiveness rather than exacting vengeance.

Before a study of the Bible forgiveness was to me nothing more than a positive character trait. With a study of the Bible I saw example after example of forgiveness in action under circumstances I had not ever explored. It challenged me to be more forgiving and compassionate toward others, even those who displayed outright hatred toward me. The Bible became like a compass to point me in the right direction and chart my course.

I came to see the God of the Bible as a real person, with feelings, personality, likes, dislikes, love, compassion, humor; all the things you want in a good friend. He lets you know where he stands and where you stand in your relationship. His name is Jehovah. He loves goodness and hates wickedness. His power is displayed in the mighty waves of the sea and gentleness in the drop of rain on a rose petal. That is the most important person in my life.

My wife has shown love and patience with me for nearly forty-seven years. She has been my loyal companion since we dated in high school. We have seldom been apart, but I remember those times when we did part; it was like removing my breath. I can be in an absolute terrible mood and her smile takes me from zero to happy in a flash. When she smiles I still see the teenage girl who accompanied me to the school prom and how she smiled tenderly when holding each of our children for the first time. I sometimes just like watching her. If we weren’t married I’d be her stalker.

My oldest daughter came along within the first year my wife and I were married. She’s been there in the worst of times. The times when there was a week left until the next pay-day and we literally had only a nickel to our names. She lives closest and is the one who now drops by to see us and call us everyday. She is cheerful, positive, never holds a grudge and never knows a stranger. I still see her as the little girl I held, saw off the school on her first day, and gave away as a bride.

My second daughter lives two thousand miles away. I miss our chats over coffee on cold winter days. She has an incredible capacity for listening and understanding. As a little girl she knew when I was serious and when I was teasing (well, not all the time).

My son lives twenty-five hundred miles away. He calls nearly everyday. He knows me better than anyone. He still asks me for advice. I like that. And I ask him too. He likes that. He is everything I could have ever wanted in a son. When we talk it’s like talking to an old buddy. If we were the same age, we would have been best friends from high school. We would have spent a lot of time in the office and detention, but absolutely loyal friends.

Without each I would have been aimless, shallow, and lonely.

That’s it.

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  1. Thank you, dear friend. You have a way of reminding me of how good I have it… I appreciate the way you express my feelings that are not even on my mind, but deep inside, just waiting for clarity of expression. Thank you.

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