Taking A Dream To A Creative Work

After a dream I sit at my computer and let the creative magic take over.
After a dream I sit at my computer and let the creative magic take over.

Daily Prompt: First Light

Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.

This past weekend I had a dream. I knew it was a dream. At the time the dream seemed like it fit well with a novel I’m writing.

As I laid there in my half-dream state particulars of the dream were reviewed. If it did not fit well in the novel, for certain, it was intriguing and complete enough to stand on its own as a short story – a really good short story, one that would surely appear in The New Yorker.

I began composing a letter to The New Yorker about my story. I began thinking of ways to use the fat check they would pay for the story.  The story would fetch somewhere around $3,000, minimum.

I drifted back in the dream to converse with several of the characters in order to explore more deeply their motivations and thinking. And of course to have them grant me permission to use them in my short story or novel.

Laying there I began to marvel at the creative process. I thought of all the times trying to come up with an idea for a story and nothing came to me and here in a dream it merely passed under my nose. It was as easy as picking fruit.

Thoughts crossed my mind that perhaps I’d crossed some sort of threshold in creative genius, although I’d never heard of such an experience.

As the time approached for me to awaken certain elements of the story began to fade and had to be reeled in like hooking fish. Some elements swam away, but I was certain when at my computer with my coffee they could be captured and preserved in my hard-drive.

Soon I was completely awake. I laid their with only the outline of the story in my mind. I thought perhaps by sleeping for just a few moments more, elements of the dream could be retrieved. My eyes closed for a moment. They opened.

I made my coffee. I sat at my computer and said, “What was that dream? Where’s my check?”

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  1. Dang! Too bad you couldn’t convince yourself to get up and type it out while you were still sleeping – perhaps the act up typing in your dream would have helped solidify the details of it. Something to consider for next time.

    Or, you could just call the New Yorker and ask them why they haven’t sent you the check they owe you…

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