To Be Happily Ever After You Must Be Happily Ever Before.

(Daily Prompt: Happily Ever After)

“And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

It looks like an idyllic 'happily ever after' existence, but it sure looks like a lot of upkeep too.
It looks like an idyllic ‘happily ever after’ existence, but it sure looks like a lot of upkeep too.

The phrase “And they lived happily ever after,” suggest things weren’t so good in the past’ something else was needed to make life more complete.

For one to ‘live happily ever after’ ones ever ‘present’ and ever ‘past’ must be happy also.

What sometimes makes an ‘ever after’ happy is not bringing the unhappiness of the past or present into the ‘ever after.’ In other words, what ever makes you unhappy let it go or beat it to death with kindness and happiness.

Some things have to be sugar-coated, like bitter pills that are ultimately good for you. Misery and unhappiness from the past if properly evaluated makes good material for a foundation of a ’happily ever after.’

‘Happily ever after’ often neglects the effort and work to maintain it.

Every product sold is based on ’happily ever after’ with little thought toward what it will take to attain or maintain it. You will ’live happily ever after’ if you buy our car. We’ll get the payments down so low you can swing it. There is little mention of the expense to maintain it. Purchase our I-whatever; it will help you ’live happily ever after.’ Sure you must sign a contract that will tether you to us at a hundred dollars a month fro ‘ever after‘, but think how happy you will be. Purchase our insurance and you’ll ’live happily ever after,’ but don’t file a claim. If you call us you’ll be on hold for ‘ever after.’

Those are not the things that make life ’happily ever after.’

Although my past or present circumstances weren’t or aren’t perfect they are not that bad.

All I ask for a ‘happily ever after’ is that my needs; spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically are met and that those around me prosper in the same way. To have anymore than that is mere folly.

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