Critics Are The &%(%@* Of The Earth

On American Bandstand the kids picked the hits; they were either good or bad.
On American Bandstand the kids picked the hits; they were either good or bad.

Daily Prompt: B+

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

I don’t like critics of any sort. Their entire life revolves around making life miserable for others. They normally have no talent of substantive worth to pass on to the world. As soon as I hear one, the station is changed.

When a teenager I read The Old Man and the Sea. Perhaps one of the finest and most complete pieces of literature written. Years later I read critiques of the book. Before I gathered my senses and remembered who won the Nobel Prize for literature I thought the book was a poorly written piece of screed and the world would have been better served if Hemingway was shot during the Spanish Civil War. In actuality, the criticism was longer than the book (exaggeration) and best suited for one of the main ingredients in bologna (tripe).

So I refuse to treat last weekend as a music critic reviewing an album (They don’t even call them that anymore – that’s so 20th century.)

I used to watch the old Dick Clark show, American Bandstand. Once a week they played a new record and the kids on the show predicted whether it was a hit or not. Clark ask their opinion. It was always; It had a good beat, I didn’t like the beat, it had good rhythm, or it had bad rhythm. It was honest and unsophisticated. It was not meant to hurt anyone or change a person’s opinion. Anything other than that is just trying to show-off.

Well last weekend had a good beat and I liked the rhythm.

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  1. Your opinion on critics? I hear you and I’ll raise you a few &*^. It’s one thing to say “I don’t like it.” and another to say “This is garbage”. I like critics who inform me enough to tell me whether a thing/book/album/play is worth my own assessment.

    That said, there’s something compelling about your closing point …

    • Sure, I like a little information; reviews are fine. I have found over the years the critics are bad at picking good music. The movie, The Graduate, was said to have terrible music. How many of those songs were hits? How long did Simon and Garfunkel produce good music? That’s not an isolated event. They often tell us something is exceptional when it is a dud.

    • Thanks for offering your insight.
      Sometimes friends will ask me to look at a story they have written. When I’m done I always ask, We’re still friends aren’t we?”
      Sometimes criticism, no matter how kindly offered, can come across as cruel.

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