Chocolates, Anyone

Daily Prompt: Undo

(I must issue an apology. When I receive notice of the Daily Prompt it is 6:00 AM. I have only half a cup of coffee by then. I thought the prompt was “un-event”; referring to something that one might change in their life. Although it doesn’t now make a whole lot of sense, it did an hour ago. Nevertheless, here is my 6:00 AM version with  the promise that I’ll read more carefully in the future. Here is my 7:00 AM version.)

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

Sometimes I wonder; If chosing one chocolate over the other could alter my life?
Sometimes I wonder if choosing one chocolate over the others could alter my life?

The path a person takes sometimes comes down to split second decisions. ‘If I had not gone back to get my homework I would not have met the pretty girl who became my wife.’ Those sorts of things are the things that govern and make up our lives; a mishmash of random events that we try to bring to some sort order or rationalize.

Some things are more contemplative, yet based upon an attempt to navigate though a world full of chaotic events. Our life is like trying to drive a straight line from New York to Los Angles without hitting a tree.

At times we wonder what event could I have changed if I had to power to do so? Of course the problem is that we may have to forfeit a whole range of good things that came our way to accommodate that elusive one.

As for myself I’m not willing to change one event in order to change all other good things in my life; my wife, my daughters, my son, my grandchildren, my friends. In fact I even like the enemies I have. I don’t think I would want them as friends under the best of circumstances.

Yet, there is that one black mark I wish to change without altering the rest of my life; I flunked the fifth grade. Some like to say ‘repeated’ or some other kind word, but it was flunked.

I lost a whole set of friends. Sure I got new ones and my life was enriched in many ways as a result, but I didn’t want new ones.

I feel a sense of obligation to tell people who are my age why I didn’t graduate from high school the same year they did. There is always that sinking feeling of rejection and inferiority. It is like warning them ‘you can do better than having me as a friend.’

In spite of the fact of that scarlet “F” on my chest there is the constant assurance from family and friends who love me not for what I want to be but for who I am. That trumps any feelings of the lack of self-worth inflicted upon myself.

Life is wonderfully random. It’s like that box of chocolates Forrest Gump spoke about. “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

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  1. It’s true that the randomness makes life more interesting. I just watched the movie “Touchback” and that really shows this kind of thing. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a good one.

  2. un-event..haha. When I receive Daily Prompts, it is usually around 10pm so I also write in a half-asleep state that too without coffee because I want to do it right away rather than wait for next morning. It gets confusing, I tell Ya.

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