I Live In Oz, But Visit Kansas For My Dreams

If ever a dreama dream it was A tornado is a dream because, because, because because of all the terrible dreams it does.
If ever a nightmare
a nightmare there was
A tornado is a nightmare because,
because, because, because, because
because of all the terrible things that it does.

Daily Prompt: Nightmares

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

When eighteen year old in the early spring I was driving home one Sunday evening from my girlfriend’s home. It was about 9;45 PM. The rain was coming down so hard that my car’s windshield wipers were unable to keep up. The wind was incredibly strong, at times it felt as if my care was being lifted from the road. The sound I heard from the wind reminded me of huge generator or a train.

I tried to dial a local radio station. It was near impossible to hear anything. The lightening in the atmosphere was so immense and frequent all that I really heard was a constant and persistent crackle. What was heard was a local radio program entitled Symphonic Variations; nothing about bad weather.

I made it home and told Mom and Dad how bad it was. They told me there were tornado warnings issued and they  worried.

The daytime revealed devastation from a tornado. School was concealed. All high school kids were encouraged to comb the tornadoes path and look for objects of value and return them to the owners. It was rumored a baby was missing. My buddy. Don and I found what we thought to be an infant face down in a creek. It turned out to be a toy doll.

Particularly ominous and disturbing I was probably only a hundred yards or so from the tornado, but unable to see it. From that day onward tornadoes have always had a chilling affect.

Not often, perhaps once a year, I have the dream. A dream of a tornado. It is so real that I awaken breathing heavy. Two nights ago I had ‘the dream.’ My family was young again. We lived in a farm-house in rural north/west Ohio. I was able to get my family safely to the basement as we watched it pass and destroy everything in its path.

Like a tornado all conditions must come together at the same time; a cool air mass from the north with a warm humid air mass from the south. With my ’tornado dream’ there must be a recent report of a tornado and a longing for days so intense from the time when all the protection in the world my children needed was in my arms.

I’ve seen movies that feature tornadoes. Nothing is meant to be more frightening than Twister, but to me it’s not. As much as the director, actors, and special effects people try, it doesn’t come close to matching the tornado scene in the Wizard of Oz. Tornadoes are surreal. For a split moment you think you are in a dream.

In ‘the dream’ I always make it to safety, but just in the nick of time. I suppose because the reality of a tornado is dream-like that the dream becomes life-like.

What does ‘the tornado dream’ mean? It means very simply I fear tornadoes and want to still protect my family.

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  1. I have never witnessed a tornado in full force, but it must be really scary. I’m always fighting creatures in my dreams, so I don’t consider those nightmares anymore – I actually enjoy them, since I always win 😉 But my most and worst nightmare was a dream in which I could not wake up from it. It played as if I was dreaming and waking up but everytime I went through the motion of walking through my home, I saw something that didn’t belong to me and realized that I was not awake but still dreaming. I kept on waking up many times to find myself back in the dream. At one point in the dream, I knew that I was dreaming and could not wake up, so I became worried in the dream that I would never be able to wake up. Then when I actually woke up for real, I wasn’t sure if I was awake and kept going back and forth, looking for things to be wrong in my home. Finally, to be sure, I had to pinch myself so I knew that it hurt, and i slapped my face a couple times just to be sure. I kid you not, that was the scariest dream I had.

  2. Hi there. Thanks for the ping back. I have been in three tornadoes so I can totally reltae. I hate them. The only good thing is — unlike most other natural disaster, you often times get at least a few minutes warning.

  3. Hello there and thank you for the ping back. Where we live is called Tornado alley as they go on each side of us and we are in the middle. Although we do not get a direct hit each time, some other poor souls do, we get the effects from both sides. Great story. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I grew up in Tornado Alley and they have been a consistent part of my dreams over the years. I have learned when I am stressed I dream about them. Sometimes there are so many all I do the whole dream is run looking for shelter.

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