Ryan Finley; Boise State’s Future Great Quarterback?

Ryan Finley, Boise State's highest rated quarback recruit ever. That's not pressure, it's incentive.
Ryan Finley, Boise State’s highest rated quarterback recruit ever. That’s not pressure, it’s incentive.

Ryan Finley is the highest rated quarterback Boise State has ever signed.

He is labeled a “pocket passer.” That seems to suggest he doesn’t do much outside the pocket of pass protection. He runs well, not lightening speed. He is lethal outside the pocket. He runs a good option (unlikely to be seen at Boise State except by opponents).

Some have commented about his unusual throwing style He is tall and lean. His motion is deceptive. He doesn’t use the full range of reaching back before his release. That makes for a quick release. A plus for quarterbacks. It looks unusual more from the standpoint of his body build.

He plants his feet so quickly it looks as if he isn’t planting them. That said, how often does a quarterback get to plant his feet when throwing? Rather than being a negative it seems more likely a positive. He throws well on the move.

When the pocket protection breaks down Finley’s instincts seem to carry him to the left which makes it difficult for a right-handed quarterback to throw with accuracy and speed. Yet, his throwing style is such that his accuracy and speed don’t seem to be effected.

I liken his passing game to that of Kellen Moore. He has tremendous accuracy on mid-range, short, and fade routes.

It may be possible he will be red-shirted a year. Boise will have four quarterbacks on its roster not including Finley (Southwick, Patti, Hedrick, and Laughrea). It takes time to absorb the task of running the complexities of a Boise State offense and to learn how to react at what other teams will throw your way.

Boise State likes to drive opponents crazy with things like tackles in the slot position. I think it might be cool to see four quarterbacks on the field at the same time for a play or two each game.

Many have considered Nick Patti as the second coming of Kellen Moore. Such speculation makes for exciting and spirited debates, but such musings are best left for the playing field and coaches.

What will be Finley’s contribution to Boise State is yet to be seen. He will have to learn the scheme first.

All indications are he will be a great one.


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