I’m As Unique As The Next Guy

Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

Not many bloggers can say they know what these are or how they are made. If you ever drove a big rig and your drive-shaft failed you probably didn't have one made by Dana. I made a lot of these in my thirty years at Dana in Lima, Ohio.
Not many bloggers can say they know what these are or how they are made. If you ever drove a big rig and your drive-shaft failed you probably didn’t have one made by Dana. I made a lot of these in my thirty years at Dana in Lima, Ohio.

Shortly after birth I was operated on because of pyloric stenosis. I’ve never met anyone else who had it. That is why I think it is a perpetuated myth even kept alive by the internet.

I read the entire World Book Encyclopedia before turning 17. Don’t think of that as being an amazing accomplishment; their wasn’t as much to learn back then so the World Book was about the size of a comic book. I’ve read the Bible many times. A friend said, “What are you looking for a loophole?” Catholics and Mormons aren’t impressed because I’ve never read the Apocrypha or Book of Mormon.

I have a good memory of the past; either that or a vivid imagination. I remember events when I was two. I recall the names of people and many details about them from a very early age. Until recent I recalled all the names of my classmates in the first grade. Normally people don’t remember things like that. Sometimes it’s really cool to invent really great stuff about them and allow ones to walk away with an inflated feeling of self-worth – just kidding.

I’ve bailed hay, plowed fields, picked corn, harvested (wheat, oats, and soy beans), cut lawns, delivered papers, worked at a miniature golf course, worked at Sears, sold shoes, spent four years in the Army, sold vacuum cleaners door to door, worked at McDonalds, managed a carry out restaurant, sold insurance, worked at a mental institution, worked at a party shop, drove high-lift, and became a machinists. There are a couple of other little things I could add but I don’t want anybody calling me and asking for a diagnosis nor the CIA knocking at my door.

Kenton Lewis is a pseudonym for Byron Lehman.

I can’t spell pssedonym, cinamon, suenonen, posidum, psnynomin, suenymonin, without a spell-check.

Now that I’ve done all this what’s my prize? Because it sounds to me like one of those crazy blogging awards you get for being a blogger willing to reveal how wonderfully unique or uncommonly common you are.


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  1. I’ve noticed that some people have excellent memories for events, people, or conversations, but I have yet to meet another person who has a good memory for numbers. Mind you, I’m terrible at math, but I remember birthdays, phone numbers, and sometimes simple equations.

  2. A good and very interesting list! I can tell you pyloric stenosis does exist…. in animals anyway! I’ve seen it myself and done a few corrective surgeries for it. I’m impressed that you read the entire World Book Encyclopedia and that you’ve read the Bible multiple times.

  3. Pyloric stenosis was part of my start in life too. Back in 1945 the surgery was rough by today’s standards. A niece of my wife had it too, and I’ve met several others – at 3-5 in 1,000 most of us would know several folk who share that part of our story. It all goes to show that no matter how much we may feel different or odd, we only have to share our story and bridges are built.

    • Fred, I feel like we’re brothers. My surgery was in ’46. It was not performed by a surgeon, but a GP. I suppose the reason it is such a big deal with me is the scare that remained. It’s at least eight inches and frankly I’ve never seen a scar on anyone that looks as bad and botched as mine.

  4. Really enjoyed reading this and thanks for the pingback. I am horrible with names, but remember situations and events very vividly, as if it were yesterday. I remember what the person (whose name I can’t remember) was wearing and what they said. It drives my mother bonkers because I can recall a conversation we had years ago with perfect accuracy. I can’t spell definitely without spell check, therefore I avoid using it. I had no idea what pyloric stenosis is until I read this. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • A couple of years ago a classmate from the fourth grade (over 50 years ago) ask me to name the children in our class. I named all of them and where they lived.
      Someone from that class contacted me later. I was able to reveal details of his home he had forgotten and his favorite song in music class – The Marine Corps Hymn. “Yes,” he said. “I remember that, now that you mention it.”

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