Time To Rewrite (Short story)

images[1]Daily Prompt: The Clock

Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence, “I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.”

‘Patience’ I kept telling myself, ‘patience.’

If the driver should get here now, right now, I shall be only minutes before my lecture. I like being early, really early. I like to greet people as they come in. People normally arrive fifteen minutes early. They like to chat for a while. I like being a part of that. It helps me know my audience, then when I speak it’s like talking to acquaintances and not strangers.

If there is traffic it is likely at this point I will arrive late. This is deplorable.

This driver will be a paragraph or two in my next book. It’s obvious he didn’t read my book on planning for success. It starts with being their ahead of expectations. There is no task too menial not to have good planning. Drivers are an essential element. They must be on time! If I’m ten minutes late that’s ten minutes times the number of people there and associated with the lecture. One incompetent driver is responsible for thousands of minutes of lost time. That’s inexcusable.

Some of these people have come long distances, traveled a day, stayed in motels, and they are missing time with their families.

They have watched me on TV and bought my books.

“Where is the driver!”

I look at my watch. It’s ten till ten. I speak at ten. The place is fifteen minutes away.

A limo pulls up to the front of the hotel. I run from the lobby.

“Are you the driver for the lecture at the university?”

“Yes,” the slovenly dressed driver said as he started around the car to hold the door open. I didn’t wait. I opened the door and slung my portfolio and coat in the back seat. I jumped in like I just robbed a bank. “Let’s get going!” I said. “I’m already late.”

This driver was about to get a piece of my mind.

I heard the car door slam and looked immediately at the clock. The clock on car radio read, 8:54. “Time zone,” I muttered. “I didn’t reset my watch.”

“I read your first book,” the driver said getting in the car. “You said you liked to arrive early and swing by a Starbucks for a coffee. There’s one on the way. I just called ahead. It will be ready for us when we get there.”

“Is there something wrong, sir?” the driver said after a long pause.

“No,” I said. “Just rewriting a couple of paragraphs in my next book.”

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