I Ain’t Like Sinatra; I Had Regrets, More Than A Few

(Daily Prompt; Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?)

When I hear a person say they don’t have regrets it is likely they are not dealing with reality. Everybody has regrets – who are normal. Here are a few:

I was not thankful.

At times I was unkind.

I was selfish.

I was sneaky.

I was dishonest.

I stool things.

I had a dirty mouth.

I was disruptive.

I wasn’t respectful.

I didn’t like myself.

Those were things that compensated for what I regretted most; that was in my control, not working hard in school. I was content to get by. I failed the fifth grade for no other reason than just not doing my work. Mom and Dad never cracked down on me. They should have handcuffed my hands to the table and set my homework in front of me.

There were things beyond my control that are regretted; very simply the time Dad and Mom spent away from home sitting in bars. If Dad had a dollar in his pocket and at home he was like a caged animal.

When my children came along they were cuffed to the table until the homework was done. My wife and I always had our children with us. Seldom did we go someplace without them. I enjoyed having them close to me on the couch watching TV. I liked hearing about their day when I got home from work and they got home from school. I enjoyed taking them places and standing afar to watch them just be themselves.

Above all I wanted my children to feel loved, for by feeling loved they love themselves.

Regrets; sure, I wished I’d held them closer and longer.



  1. I’m glad that regrets played a good role in your life. As for me, I am saying this the second time today, no regrets. For my life is preordained by God. What I do with it, it’s not God’s given because I did it my way.

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