Andrew Tercek, Boise State’s San Antonio Rose

Andrew Tercek, welcome to BSU.

Andrew Tercek, welcome to BSU.

After watching some video of Boise State’s best and highest rated offensive lineman, Andrew Tercek; he is impressive.

He’s another recruit taken from the grips of the Midwest. He comes from San Antonio, Texas. He may be Boise’s San Antonio rose, but to BSU opponents he’ll be the thorn.

He has the size to contribute immediately (6‘3“ 285+).

What was most impressive about him was his quickness off the snap; a couple of times thinking he may have been off-sides. He is that quick. That in itself may give him some quality time as a freshman. There was not a lot of video with him pulling, but I saw him pull a couple of times; once again he gets out quick and engages his block with speed.

Yet he will not be able to push around college talent the same as he did high school competition. (That didn’t need to be said, but it’s obligatory.) Likely he will have to learn to stay lower on his blocks and develop a little better technique.

He likes to hit people. That’s good. That’s what an offensive lineman is supposed to do. If an opponent even looks like he wants to be a part of the action give him a shoulder and send him home.

He locks onto his block and sometimes rides them to the turf. Look for opposing defensive linemen to have plenty of blue stains on the back of their jerseys.


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