The Best McDonald’s Employee I Know

Sometimes the Golden Arches has some golden employees.
Sometimes the Golden Arches has some golden employees.

My favorite McDonald’s employee is guy named Leigh. He takes my money at the first window at the drive-thru. He’s a roly-poly cheerful guy.

When I pull up to his window he usually says, “I thought that was you ordering.” He’s a quick-witted guy who always has something different to say each time I’m at the window. He will comment about the weather, his weight, his failings, or just ask how’s it goin’?

There are a few times I’ve gone to McDonalds’s in not-such-a-good mood and Leigh has a way of changing it.

He takes time, but let’s me know he has a job to do. He has mastered what few have been able to do; be content and cheerful.

A few weeks ago I pulled into the drive-thru. At the money widow at another McDonald’s’s. I asked the employee if he could dispose of a McDonalds bag for me.

“We can’t handle any trash,” he said. “It’s unsanitary.”

“I don’t understand why,” I said.

“It doesn’t look good accepting trash at the widow,” he said.

I pulled forward and at the food window they asked me for the $5.25 that I didn’t pay at the money window.

“They wouldn’t take my trash at the other widow because the guy said it was unsanitary. My money probably has passed through more filthy hands, been picked up from more scummy floors, and come in contact with more germs than we could ever imagine.”

I gave them their dirt rotten filthy money and didn’t pursue the reasoning any further.

A few days later I stopped in to see Leigh at his window. I told him my experience at the other McDonald’s

“Yeah,” Leigh said. “They’re funny that way. But I got an idea; I’ll just stand out of the way and you toss it through the window.”

Leigh is also the smartest employee I know.


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