My Favorite Righteous Brothers’ Song

The Righteous Brothers and they were righteous, brother.
The Righteous Brothers and they were righteous, brother.

Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield formed the singing duet named the Righteous Brothers. There music was termed ‘blue-eyed soul.’ Indeed, there was something magical about the blend of their voices and the interpretation of the music. At times, one was left spell-bound, wondering if it was even appropriate to applaud.

Their style drew you in and immediately you felt what they felt. Their range was incredibly vast and diverse. I don’t know who or what to compare them with. They stand alone.

Several years ago when Bobby Hatfield was still living my youngest daughter purchased tickets for her, my wife, and I to see the Righteous Brothers in concert.

I don’t like concerts, but I was pumped for this one. I liked the Righteous Brothers and couldn’t wait.

To me, the first song you hear from a group or artist is ’the song.’ It is the one by which you judge the rest. The first song I heard by the Righteous Brothers was Little Latin Lupe Lu. To put it in my vernacular, “That song really cooks!”

Although my daughter at the time was in her early thirties I still vowed to embarrass her the same as I did when she was a teenager. “If they don’t start the concert with Little Latin Lupe Lu I’m standing up and yelling, ’Hey, I came to hear Little Latin Lupe Lu. Let’s hear Little Latin Lupe Lu.’”

For the next month my daughter and wife lived in mortal fear that such an outburst would bring untold embarrassment to them, our family name, and get me escorted form the concert.

On the way to the concert I continued to remind my daughter and wife what I was going to do if they didn’t open with Little Latin Lupe Lu.

Well that was the first song and my daughter stood, clapped her hands over her head, and yelled out, “Woh, woh!” I’m not so sure it was for the song or out of relief that the ole man wasn’t going to make a fool of himself.

I looked at her and said. “You are so embarrassing.”

Here is Little Latin Lupe Lu:


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