Music That Makes Me Cry

images[3]I burst into tears when watching sad movies or a sad scene from a movie. The full emotional impact hits me just like the writer and director wants it; the very moment they want me to, I’m always on cue.

I’m emotional putty in their hands.

No musical ever made me cry like Carousel.

Every song is a masterpiece.

To me the whole musical is about living life in such a way you have few regrets and hold closely those who are most dear.

The Carousel Waltz is one of the most joyous songs I know. It is uplifting and bold.

There is no finer song about courage from a musical than You’ll Never Walk Alone. It inspires integrity, purpose, reflection, and meditation.

They don’t make ‘em like that any more.

Here is the Carousel Waltz and You’ll Never Walk Alone.



  1. Please dude, stop watching musicals.
    Adagio for Strings, used in several movies, tv shows, etc. Listen to it and you will get emotional – w/o the discomfort of watching a musical. If fact, if you feel the need to redeem your manhood, go watch Platoon, Adagio is used in that movie with good, emotional effect.
    And in case ANYONE reads this and gets all pissy about what I am telling anyone to or not to watch, I am kidding. Just a joke. Bit of sarcasm.
    Watch whatever you want.
    Then relax.

    • Thanks for your comment and advice. It takes a lot for me to commit to sitting and watching a musical, but when I’m in, I’m all in.
      I liked the joke. I was already to send you a whole host of manly movies I like. They start with John Wayne and end with Clint Eastwood. No Tom Cruise movies for me. I want to see real men. Not smart-mouthed twerps.

      • Have a friend, a big friend, played 11 seasons in the NFL. He decided to be a repo man while in college. He did it one time. That tells me all I want to know. I’ll check it out.

      • That makes me laugh. Doubtful that your friend would have much to identify with his former repo job and this movie. Scratch that. There are parts that he would sympathize with. Then he wouldn’t. I have the movie on VHS and DVD and would let you borrow either, but I know, that is unlikely. Anyway, I love the movie but most people that I tell to watch it don’t. No regards for taste…

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