Daily Prompt; Helplessness Is Like a Rollercoaster

I just thought of another definition for insanity.
I just thought of another definition for insanity.

Daily Prompt

My friend, Ronnie, a slow talking country boy said, “C’mon, Kent, just give it a try you’ll love it.”

Reluctantly I climbed into the rollercoaster car with one eye glaring suspiciously on Ronnie who was already onboard just a few cars ahead.

He smiled slowly. It almost looked evil. The attendant checked to make sure we were secure and the coaster jerked forward.

I felt flush in the face. There was no way out. The coaster started into the first climb; the tallest climb – click, click, click, click, click.

I was absolutely struck with fear. I struggled for a breath. There was nothing I could do about the situation. There was no way out.

Traveling up was like scaling the side of a massive cliff that never ended. I looked down; everything was so small. I could see the world from where I sat. Click, click, click, we continued to climb.

There is no reason for what this. This is so stupid for humanity to devise such a contraption that brings one to the brink of death and snatches them away.

There is this complete feeling of helplessness. You cannot do anything to alter the inevitable. The only thing left to do is wait and hope that it will be over and life can return to normal.

Just before reaching the precipice of the first climb Ronnie turned to me, “Isn’t this fun?”

“Ronnie, when and if I get of this I’m killing you.”

“You’ll like this,” Ronnie grinned. “You’ll thank me later.”

At the top I looked at the world for the last time and then straight down into grasps of sure death. I was about to die!

We sped down the first slope; the longest and steepest. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! It was like nothing ever experienced. It was absolutely exhilarating.

As soon as the ride was over I said, “C’mon, Ronnie, let’s do it again!”

“You’re hooked aren’t you, buddy?” Ronnie said. “There’s a demon in you.”

That day I learned a little something; helplessness is temporary and sometimes you can look back on the situation with a degree of satisfaction that you lived it and survived it. So now when there are those feelings of helplessness I just try to enjoy the ride.



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