At McDonald’s Be Proactive And Take Charge

No body manages the front counter at McDonald's so you may have to step in and take charge.
No body manages the front counter at McDonald’s so you may have to step in and take charge.

There are two diverging points of view at work when I go to McDonald’s; mine and theirs.

My point of view is to get my order and leave. Their point of view is to get whomever’s order and get them out.

Allow me to illustrate;

Let’s say I order a coffee and a Big Mac. The Big Mac is placed in a bag and I have to wait for my coffee to brew. A person behind me orders a Big Mac, fries, and Coke. The employee grabs my sack with my Big Mac in it, tosses in the fries, and hands the person who ordered after me my Big Mac. When my coffee is finally brewed I must then wait for the next Big Mac which has not yet been made. The next person who comes in orders coffee and cookies. The cookies are ready to go and that person gets my coffee. My Big Mac finally gets made, slides down the shoot, and placed in the bag. They now have to pour another coffee and in the meantime the employee at the window grabs my Big Mac for a drive-thru customer. Once again I wait for my Big Mac.

It’s not first come first served. Your order has to come together at one time like some cosmic alignment of the universe.

This happens to me quite often.

So to curb obvious inequity I become proactive by inserting myself as a part of the process.

When an employee grabs my Big Mac and heads for the drive-thru window I say, “Whoa! Hey, that’s my Big Mac ya got there.” It’s like a shock wave hits them. ‘Nobody is allowed to inject order and logic into our universe of chaos. We like it that way; Can’t you tell?’

“No it’s not,” he says.

“Sure is,” I say. “I just ordered it. The guy over there waiting for the coffee just put it in the bag for me. He didn‘t put it in there for you.”

“But we got a guy waiting at the window,” he says.

“Too bad, let him wait,” I say. “It builds character. He’ll appreciate that much more if he has to wait.”

Sometimes its like a busy day on a Wall Street stock trading floor behind the counter at McDonald’s. Somebody has to step in and take charge. It takes somebody with the nerves and organizational skills of an air traffic controller. Those people behind the counter are nothing more than mindless blips on the radar screen. Sometimes you have to talk them into a landing pattern. If you are not there to take control people may die!

Next time you go to McDonald’s keep an eye on them. They are looking for leadership. When you see them drifting off the screen talk them back on course. You’ll feel better and someday that person will thank you, but until then watch how they put your Big Mac together; they may spit on it.



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