The God Gene And The Gay Gene And NPR

Can belief in God and homosexuality be explained by genetics?
Can belief in God and homosexuality be explained by genetics?

There is much to appreciate about National Public Radio. They report on stories and interesting things that others do not. There is some music they introduce and play that generally might go unheard. They have programs that are clever and challenging.

They have a target audience; college educated and those interested in the arts. The audience seems to be mostly politically, socially, and religiously liberal in makeup. They tend to believe science, education, and political activism will make life better. Science holds a more important role in making decisions than religion or faith.

Yesterday I heard NPR mention an upcoming piece on “Are Children Hardwired for God.” Well, I thought, ‘that’s really typical of NPR explaining everything as if our need for religion is passed on as an involuntary physiological phenomena yet to be completely understood, but as soon as it is we better explain it. Furthermore, we must look to evolution to explain why it occurs and when it started.’

My view of this is just bit less intriguing to the NPR audience and that is, as the Bible says, we are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:28). In other words with his qualities such as love, justice, wisdom and so on, but likewise endowed with the capacity for spirituality, what some refer to as the God gene.

Of course this can become deeply intellectual and speculative, but there does seem to be, in all of us, the desire for spiritual things and to worship God.

By the same token, NPR leads the charge in promoting gay, lesbian, and homosexual lifestyle, concerns, problems and champion their struggle for equal footing in today’s world.

They, like many in the media, think of it as natural and should be celebrated as a way of confirming their inclusiveness and tolerance of all. To not share their thinking means that one is obviously hateful, uniformed, out-of-touch, uneducated, and homophobic.

What some may have thought was, in the past, a deviancy can now be explained in scientific and intellectual terms so that it can be expected, accepted, and celebrated.

Proof of this is the isolation of what some term the gay gene. Some people are born gay and some are not. That seems pretty straight forward (no pun intended).

That is NPR’s reason for making it (homosexuality) seem normal and so on. News is directly aimed at the homosexual audience. Guests go out of their way to say, “oh by the way I’m gay,” even if it has nothing to do with the story. I call it dropping the ’gay bomb.’ I say to myself, ’I’m glad I now know that. The story is that much more interesting.’

It is believed to work counter to this natural aversion to homosexuality would be contrary to who the person is. It would be damaging to the person and society in general. Once a person is free to explore who he is without shame or ridicule, they can now flourish as a person.

If that is so than why does NPR take such a hostile stance against religion. They view belief in God as an option. Why are they so eager to take sides with those who wish to remove any vestige in spiritual terms relating to God. Why do they promote and report on stories slanted against the Bible? Why do they treat people of belief in God in condescending terms?

If a person is born with the god gene and believes what the Bible says about homosexuality (1st Corinthians 6:9, 10), why is he labeled homophobic or a bully? Would not treating such a believer badly or chiding them for their belief in God, the Bible, a religion, or a verse be the same as making fun of gays and bullying them? After all, they (God believers) were born that way and they have the gene to prove it. To change them would be the same as trying to make a gay person straight.

Don’t view this as my definitive thought on the subject, I’m only trying to follow a line of reasoning that many propound regarding homosexuality.


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