Music Memory; I Learn To Fast Dance

We were really cool back then.
We were really cool back then.

The first time I danced with a girl was in the eighth grade. For a while I’d only slow dance. I felt awkward fast dancing. It was like trying to swim without knowing how to swim. I thought I might hurt somebody.

That all changed with Chubby Checker and the Twist. It was a great song and great dance.

He was interviewed on TV and shared how easy it was to learn. “Just pretend your putting out cigarettes with your feet and drying your behind with a towel.” After a few sessions dancing in front of a mirror I mustarded the courage to dance and when that happened history was made right then and there. You couldn’t keep me off the dance floor.

In time you develop your own style. I modified the towel drying my behind movement. I wasn’t content to stay in one place on the floor, but moved around a bit. I even mastered the splits. I became a legend – in my own mind. I was a skinny kid who had not yet grown into my feet and had goofy hair.

It was a fun dance. Everybody could do it and till this day when I hear, “come on everybody, let’s do the Twist…!” Well never mind, it’s not very pretty, but inside I’m still fifteen.

Here’s that song:


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