Boise State; “Paint It Black”

Boise State’s DJ Harper, Micheal Atkinson, and Jay Ajayi in their black uniforms.

Boise State sported for the first time black uniforms in its homecoming game against UNLV last Saturday. Coach Petersen said it had been in the works for several years. The fans responded with a black-out. Everybody wore black.

Many years ago Ohio State adopted a fans’ song, I guess you could say. It was the old 60s song by the McCoys, Hang On Sloopy. Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones would make a great fan song. It would be great to see Boise State run on to the field in all black to the steady beat of Paint It Black. In fact a change in the lyrics might even inspire another change; “I see a blue field and I want to paint it black.” Nah, maybe not, but then again who ever thought of blue.

Is This The BCS Year?

Boise State has moved closer to being in position to qualify for a BCS bowl game. They are now ranked 21st in the BCS poll.

This year is probably, at least on paper, the weakest and least experienced squad head coach Chris Petersen has fielded. With that in mind it would be a cruel irony to go to a BCS game with a team that may be its weakest in five or six years.

Boise should run the table with what remains on their schedule. They face only two teams with winning records, San Diego and Nevada. Teams ahead of them in the polls face more formidable opponents.

Ten of the twenty teams ahead of them have equal or worse records. Some of the those schools have opponents that will surly beat them.

A Word On The UNLV Game

The UNLV game showed how far Boise has come as a complete team. This is not the same team that lost the opener to Michigan State 17 – 13. With the current defense I don’t see Le’Veon Bell hurdling over the top of Boise State defenders for 210 yards.

Looking back at that game one can only imagine the pressure on Joe Southwick. He had replace what some thought was the irreplaceable, Kellen Moore. It was as if he was coming off the bench.

The defensive team is as complete of a squad as you will see. Many of us wondered how they would replace last years defensive line. Wonder no more. The test will be if we will see anybody else who will run an option offense.

It was good to see Grant Hedrick take a few snaps and run complete series. Likewise there were many other new faces that saw action in the second half.

Let’s not forget what happened at New Mexico. They scored 29 points in the second half. That is the highest number of points scored by New Mexico in an entire game for the season. If it was a mental lapse; think better!

What Lies Ahead

Look for the next four games to be a mix offensively of aerial attacks the likes of which have never been seen at Boise. It will be a preview of what will come next year. Boise State stands on the verge of displaying the best corps of receivers in the country for the 2013 season; Matt Miller, Kirby Moore, Aaron Burks, Dallas Burroughs, Geraldo Boldewijn, Shane Williams-Rhodes, and a corps of tight ends; Holden Huff, Gabe Linehan, and Hayden Plinke. This will be a good time to be offensive coordinator and quarterback at Boise State.


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