How I‘m Going To Make Millions With Music Videos

Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Home Sick Blues, perhaps the first music video with subtitles – with Dylan a must.
It’s been said to be successful in business find a need and fill it or create a need.

I have been plagued all my life with singing songs that I thought I knew the words to. I think it started with Louie Louie. In fact, I know of no one who knew the words

A friend played in a band during the sixties. I asked him if he sung Louie Louie. He told be he did. I asked him what the words were? He said he had no idea, he just mumbled and slurred meaningless sounds, which I thought that‘s what the Kingsmen did also.

I’ve sung to myself and somebody would say, “That’s not the words.” It leaves me embarrassed and after they bring it to my attention I realize that my words did not really make sense after all.

Actually my lyrics would have called attention to a condition few talk about. I was merely ahead of my time.

I always thought the The Beatles lyrics from Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds “the girl with kaleidoscope eyes” was really “the girl with colitis goes by.” I knew it wasn’t right , but it was all I could come up with. Who would have thought kaleidoscope? Colitis is much more reasonable. Not that I’m aware or keeping score, but I’d be willing to wager more girls have had colitis than kaleidoscope eyes. I wondered why I always got strange looks from girls when I sung Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds.  Here, I thought all along it was a song chicks liked; you know the perfect pick-up song.

Anyway, there is a need. And I don’t know how it will pan out, but I’m sure there is a need; along with music videos provide subtitles. This could ease a lot of embarrassment and I think people will pay for it.

As soon as possible I’m going to start a production company that will add subtitles to music videos. I know what you’re thinking; how can I get in on this? Well, I need venture capital. And that’s where me and you (the reader) come together. Just stuff an envelope full of twenties, fifties, or hundreds and send it to me. I’m about the get a post office box so I look like a legitimate enterprise. So instead of sending accumulate more money to send.

The fact that you’re reading this shows how much you want to ride the rail of success with me. Isn’t it funny how us rich people read the same things.

If you decide not to invest, too bad for you. In a couple of months when you see a music video with subtitles you’ll say “Dang! I should have got in at the bottom.”



  1. It’s fun to make up those lyrics and laugh about them though – even if people happen to be laughing at you – but I agree Bob Dylan definitely needs them.

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