Boise State Broncos & Joe Southwick Will Find Their Groove

Joe Southwick; I don’t think he’ll make us say Kellen who? But before his career is over many will say he is Boise State’s second greatest quarterback.

As a fan I think Boise State is doing just fine. Sure I didn’t like that loss to Michigan State, but it was away and it’s a whole new team this year. There is only one thing you can expect from a nearly new cadre of college players and that is they play hard and do not give up. They have exceeded that expectation with two wins.

Joe Southwick has been on the sidelines for three years. In previous years he only got to play in the mop-up role; no pressure. That’s a tough position to be in. It takes time to find yourself and a rhythm. He’s made a couple of bad choices, but I recall saying a few times, “Kellen! Who were you throwing to?”

The offense is struggling, dah! That being said Southwick and Boise are a step away from 3 and 0. A couple of deep throws at Michigan were off by a step at the most.

I’m just a fan, but there may be such a thing as calling a Joe Southwick game. His deep passes are strong and crisp and there are guys that can get behind the defenders. I think that is key; allow Southwick to throw and let the receivers find the ball.

The goal line stand against BYU was a disappointment, but Boise sent a one-dimensional team to the line of scrimmage. If you send a team to a first and goal situation on the one who will, pass, run, or sprint to the corners it’s hard to stop. It’s a beautiful thing to see a tight end slip off his block and wide open in the end zone.

Frankly, the coaches at BSU know more about the game and personnel than me, but I just see what I see and I see some good days coming. Which comes to the new offensive coordinator, Robert Prince. Prince no doubt sees things and knows things beyond the grasp of what the fan sees. For four years BSU had one of the best quarterbacks in college football history and one of the most talented running backs in the nation. You don’t replace Moore and Martin in three games. Everybody has to find their groove – even Prince. Even the Beatles took a couple of nights to get used to Ringo at drums.

In a year and a half Boise State fans will be saying how can we ever replace Southwick?



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6 responses to “Boise State Broncos & Joe Southwick Will Find Their Groove

  1. JR

    Joe isn’t a bad QB, he just has a lot to work on. He’s only played three games as Boise’s starting Quarterback, and sure he’s had some flaws, but the thing that people need to get over is the fact that Kellen Moore isn’t going to come back, and that Southwick is who was named the new QB. Everyone needs to start somewhere. The whole Southwick taking over Moore’s position reminds me a lot of Aaron Rodgers taking over for Farve. Everyone hated him, and everyone wanted Farve back, but they slowly and surely began to appreciate Rodgers. I think Southwick will get his appreciation sooner or later, but people need to lighten up and stop telling him that he needs to quit the team because whether they like it or not, that’s who is leading the team now. It’s a new beginning and we’re only 3 games deep into the season. Go Broncos!

  2. RL

    Are you kidding…Southwick won’t be starting for the Broncos by the end of the season…he just doesn’t have what it takes to be a QB. Go look at film from last year…he sucked then and sucks now. Way too scared to get hit, just look at his slides when the game is on the line. Get this guy out and put in one of the other guys. Prince has to go too in my humble opinion.

    • Thanks for your comments. I’m not itching for a fight. That said, you may be right. I hope you’re wrong and you do too. The so called trick plays only work when everything else is working. The fake punt call in the BYU game; I thought that was always the call from the up-man on the field. I’m certain Pete has had a heart to heart with Joe and told him he wants to see some heart. If you’re right I’ll republish your comments. How’s that?

    • That was a fantastic prediction there RL, what choice piece of wisdom do you have for us regarding this season?

      • I’m not RL, but I’ll offer something up.
        Boise should run the table. If they do and do so in grand fashion so that they find themselves in the title game, they will not embarrass themselves like Notre Dame did.
        The BCS will likely keep them our for fear of the upset. We all know that. It’s the elephant in the room.
        The first game concerns me. Washington wants to win only one game this year. Their first at the renovated stadium and to avenge last years loss in Vegas. If the Broncos can overcome the emotion they will display after the first quarter they will beat them easily.
        Southwick a great year. Maybe the best in BSU history.

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