Running: My 3rd Week

Running: My 1st Week

Running: My 2nd Week

May 13

My inspiration for this week; dangle a Krispy Kreme donut in front of me and I’m likely to plunge over the edge of a cliff.

I didn’t run, but I did go to Five Guys’. They were really, really good today.

May 14

No breeze and 54 degrees.

I’m not at the point where I’m snobbishly looking away from cars that drive by and I think, ‘Look at me. Now look at you, you poor excuse for human flesh. What is it you are eating as you drive by; a greasy breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s? Don’t you wish you were like me?’

I ran a little more than half my run with less exhaustion and more ease than I was running only a few hundred yards two weeks ago.

I have a more sober evaluation of goals. I first wanted to be running three miles by the end of three months. Given my age and lack of a past exercise routine for quite some time, it may be four months. I’m not thirty. I can’t push myself to beyond exhaustion which is how I used to run.

May 15

I Didn’t run. The heating and air-conditioning guy is supposed to finish installing new units. It’s supposed to be 91 today. Boise 91 is like Ohio 75 – no humidity in Boise.

May 16

This is the start of the third week. Today I ran within 200 yards of a complete mile without stopping.

There is a ‘thunder hut’ (portable toilet) on my run. I may have to check it out. I think it’s following me, because each time it appears to be getting closer. I’m told paranoia takes many forms.

May 17

I didn’t run today, but I drove to Kispy Kreme Donuts and measured the distance. It’s five miles round-trip. That’s nearly a 10 K. Hmmm. Now that’s what I call motivation!

May 18

Today’s goal was to run a mile without slowing to a walk. When I turned west a 12 MPH wind hit me. ‘I’ll try the mile tomorrow.’ Turning south I thought ‘what the heck!’ I did it; one mile! I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I didn’t think I would be able to do that for another ten days.

Early in my run today there was a banana peel on the sidewalk. I looked ahead and sure enough; a clown was pacing me.

May 19

Instead of skipping a day I’m going to run.

I fought quitting today. I wanted to walk after a half mile and felt myself really wanting to ease into a walk, but continued till the mile was finished.

Right at the end of my run a sprinkler system came on and showered me. I didn’t want to come home and shower anyway. Life is so full of unexpected opportunities.



  1. I love when you come out with something new; I’m hooked. I love to see where it will go. Your crafted sentence structure and style is always a joy.

    • I’m glad you like the new feature about running. Running and writing are alike in many ways; basic technique, have your own style, endurance, and there’s a lot of stink before you produce something good for you efforts.

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