Running: My Second Week

May 7

Yes, there was a time when runners didn’t have spandex, but I still wouldn’t want to look. This is my inspiration for this week.

I’ve read enough and have been preached to enough about not running everyday especially given my age and IQ.

This was a major decision. When I commit to something and not do it, it tears me up. I stew over it.

Back when I was running five to ten miles everyday I begged my wife to drive me five miles west of our home and drop me off. It was minus five Fahrenheit. I didn’t want to run into the wind, nevertheless determined to run.

Anyway, I read my Bible, “… on the seventh day He rested …” Exodus 31: 17.

 May 8

As I put on my sweats there was doubt; should I have tossed all advice and wisdom aside and ran yesterday?

My left calf muscle hurt at a hundred yards. I ran in smaller portions today.

Although completely disappointed, when I look back to just a week ago I have improved significantly.

On my run I pass over a fast-moving canal. I run a ways, turn left, and run over the same canal.

When crossing the canal the first time I saw a fish swimming against the current. I said, “Swim the other direction. It‘s easier.”

He did and really took off.

I made my turn and headed toward the canal again. Before I got to it I heard the fish yelling, “Wee, wee, I won. I won.”

Fish are like that.

“Oh yeah, well my calf hurts too buddy!”

 May 9

No running today, although I feel like it and want to.

Yesterday my calf swelled. It looked like a python digesting a goat.

I have an old school mate, Ron. He’s been a silent inspiration to me about running (more on him later). I want to personally tell him how big my calves have swollen; Remember the school librarian, Bouncing Betty? Yeah that big, but not as sculptured.

 May 10

I’m sitting here thinking, ‘how can I keep my running diary interesting? After a while I’ll run out of things to say except, ‘I ran. I ran some more. I really ran some more. I really, really ran some more…’

I still don’t have running shoes, which speaks to the confidence I have to keep this up. I don’t want to pour $12.99 into some really good running shoes and give it up.

Half way through my run I head west. I faced a 10 MPH wind. It felt like I was attached to a bungee cord and it was about to snap back any moment. So I tried an old sailing maneuver – tacking. Apparently the police got some 911 calls about a drunk running wildly on Fairview Avenue. You ever try to give a breathalyzer test when you’re out of breath? It’s slightly easier than running away handcuffed.

 May 11

Not running today. I really felt like it, but I’m restraining.

Also I’m thinking about the strawberry pie Costco makes. It would take a year of running to burn the calories. I’m going for it!

May 12

I went out the side door this morning and looked over the neighbor’s fence. He was watching the news. I saw Obama on the screen. ’Hope and change,’ I thought. I opened my back gate. The gate created a breeze, sort of an updraft. Whew! My sweats! I need ‘change.’ During my run I wondered if there is a government program to fund my running; maybe one of those 3.6 million dollar studies that Sixty Minutes could do an exposé on. It would be a great way to promote my blog. (Interesting fact; “Obama” and “blog” come up on my “Spell-check” as misspelled.)

I’m calling this the end of my second week. Today I ran ¾ of a mile without stopping and I felt much better than the ¼ mile of two weeks ago.


Blather away, if you like.

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