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Oprah, Negative Energy, The Occult, And 800-Pound Gorillas

Negative Energy Or Personal Responsibility?

 This past week Oprah interviewed a young boy who had been treated for having uncontrollable rage. The boy was given coping techniques. He explained it, as if parroting his therapist, like surrounding himself with positive energy. Oprah chimed in saying she uses a similar technique when interviewing some one who has ‘negative energy. She said it is like surrounding yourself with white light so the dark ‘negative energy’ does not come through.

Would Dr Phil swallow some of Oprah's psycho-babble?

When she starts pontificating her on-the-fly psychology I often wonder what her no-nonsense plain talking shrink Dr. Phil McGraw might say?

Whenever I hear people talk like that, it is time to gather up the kids and go home.When I ask people to define the ‘negative/positive energy’ theory I walk away with a headache and the very strong impression that I’m suspected of having ‘negative energy’.  This is a convenient way of blaming things on the ‘negative energy’ and not taking personal responsibility.

Is The Obvious Too Obvious? 

Nobody wants to know the truth about the effects of violent video games on youth.

Prior to the interview a photo of the little boy’s sister was displayed, no doubt to indicate he came from a happy loving family. I noticed the little girl had a hat, which displayed skull and crossbones. A picture of the boy was shown while in happier times. He was wearing a stocking cap with fiery flames around it – almost like a scene from Dante’s Inferno.

This, of course, is just speculation, but it leads one to wonder what imagery this violent child is subjected? What movies does he watch? What video games does he play? Is that the real ‘negative energy’ that surrounds him?

This past weekend there was a news story out of Los Angeles on TV about an eight-year-old boy taken to a mental ward for evaluation because the teacher observed him drawing and writing something that led her to believe he was thinking about suicide. He drew a picture of stick people, who he called zombies and the words, “I want to die.”I don’t know about you, but that would be enough to make the hairs on the back of my neck standup.

The mother is now all up in arms, claiming her son was drawing a video game he has.With the sudden rise in pre-teen and teen suicide, the mother should thank the school for being so observant.

Is The Occult Packaged As Fun And Games?

The stories are sort of related. They involve children who have access to things that deal with the occult, even though slight. Some children are exposed to more and at earlier ages. The top movies and literature marketed toward children has to do with the occult. Characters are depicted as honorable and just, but the facts are that the occult is not. Many feature characters that are super human and immortal. This is far different from tying a towel around your neck and jumping on the bed pretending to be Superman. The imagery, the plot, the dialogue is far more seductive and deals with life and death.

Does this give children the concept of immortality or being transported to a time and place where the rules of normal life do not apply? This sounds all too familiar: the first lie from Genesis 3:4 “You positively will not die.”

If You Wear A Gorilla Suit Long Enough Maybe You Are A Gorilla 

When I see a kid dressed in Goth, I see a slasher. Sure that’s a bit judgmental, but that is the message. Any parent that allows their kid to go around like that is a parent with their head in the sand.

When I see a kid with screws and bolts in his body, I see a person that is insensitive to human suffering. They are saying they enjoy it and want to display it. It’s not a person that is trying to express themselves as an individual, but a person who is a part of a collective of misfits and mentally unstable outcasts. The only justification is as long as you have undefined ‘positive energy’ you got to be okay.

You are on the inside is what you are on the outside.

I suppose if it makes everybody feel better they can just go ahead and call it ‘negative energy,’ but it is somewhat hard to ignore the 800-pound gorilla in the room – it’s the money obsessed movie and entertainment industry. Exposing children to violence and condoning bizarre behavior may have more to do with diminishing the normal emotional growth and well-being of children than what many are willing to face.


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“Reality” Shows Expose A Grim Reality – Poverty

Reality star, Snookie Whatshername

The Reality Star

There is now a new breed of actor/entertainer. It is the reality star. People with absolutely no talent at all become stars. There only distinguishing feature is that they are obnoxious, over-bearing, interesting to look at, and other than that posses no real talent.

They allow a camera crew to follow them around and tape how unremarkable their lives really are. After a confrontation with some guy about whether their tires are under or over inflated we are given an interpretation of what happened later on by the reality star sitting in a chair in their home. I want to hear from the tire guy!

Volumes could be written and have been written about how empty and inane these productions are, but the fact is, is that they sell. A good counter argument is, so does cocaine.

Many of the reality shows focus on the self-absorbed rich. In reality, these people are probably considered the ‘trashy’ rich. The have no sophistication, manners, or insight into polite and genuine behavior. They live only for themselves. They are excessively lavish, opulent, conceited, egotistical, and narcissistic (Hey, no one’s perfect). No one would ever purposely choose them as a friend.

Jean Claude Duvalier, Reality Star, Gave the World a Teachable Moment

Jean Claude and wife

These programs will eventually go by the wayside, but something else may occur. It is called the ‘law of unintended consequences.’ The ruler for life in Haiti was Jean Claude Duvalier. He married a beautiful, conceited, egotistical, and narcissistic gal from France. If that were not enough, she led an excessively lavish and opulent life style while Haiti lived in extreme poverty. So out of touch was the Duvalier couple with the feelings of their countrymen that they televised their lavish and opulent parties. The Duvaliers, in some way, diluted themselves into thinking the Haitians would be entertained by this. Sense many in Haiti could not afford a TV; the government bought some and placed them in public places so all could see the lavish and opulent display of their leader.

Rather than be satisfied that Duvalier and his wife were doing quite well, it sickened the people and caused them to revolt (imagine that, such ingratitude). The Duvaliers went into exile. They divorced, probably because Jean Claude could not satisfy the insatiable appetite that his wife had for opulence and lavishness.

Might this, some day, be the result of the current variety of ‘reality’ programming? Will people compare their lives with the ones on TV? Will they see how miserable their lives are and how lavish the ‘reality’ star’s lives are and say enough is enough?

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We Don’t Need Women In The Broadcast Booth, Except To Bring In Cookies.

What is wrong with broadcast sports journalism? Women have as much business in the broadcast both, sidelines, and locker room as they do in a broadcast booth, sidelines, and locker room. It’s high time they get the women out of men’s sports. We’ve had the grand experiment and it is not working. I don’ care how good they are or how good they look, everybody is just kidding themselves.

Last year for two games (I may have been one of the lucky ones) I had to endure a female in the broadcast both giving play by play. I don’t know who they were, but they didn’t have girlish voices, but distinctively female. The network probably went to a local gym to find a gal who could take instructions well and shot her full of testosterone to deepen her voice.

Is it being a misogynist to insist that men broadcast men’s sports? No! It’s rational! Keep women out of the broadcast both (except to bring in drinks – I’m kidding), keep them off the sideline (unless they’re a cheerleader – I’m kidding), and out of the locker room (except to pick up towels after everyone has left – I’m kidding).

I don’t know of any head coach who wants a microphone and a camera stuck in his face at half-time or the end of the game. He doesn’t want anyone who has no idea of what it is like to coach a game ask, “Coach, what are you going to tell your team at half-time to do about your opponents passing attack?” The coach’s reply is taken from page 27 of The Coaches Half-Time Interview By A Bimbo Who Has Never Played The Game And Doesn’t Know A Catcher’s Cup From A Jock Strap. “We just got to tell our players to get out there in the second half and play their game and do what they do best.” The reply is taken from page 27 of The Bimbo’s Guide To Half Time Interviews of Coaches Who Don’t Even Know You Exist And Just Wish You Would Leave Them Alone. “Thanks coach, good luck in the second half.” What the coach is really thinking is ‘Is there anyway we can break the quarterback’s legs?’ What she is thinking is ‘How do I look in my Dior beret, off blond highlights, and Moonlight Madness stick-on eyelashes.’

They say a good interviewer should know the answer of a question, before it is asked. That being the case, don’t you think it would be cool for the coach to say, “Hey sweetie I ain’t got a clue what to do. What would you do if you were coachin,’ ya feather brained tart?”

Women have absolutely no place in male sports – period! Everybody knows it and when somebody says it, be assured their press credentials will be scrutinized, revoked, or they’ll end up doing the Morning Gardening Wake-Up Show in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Journalism must be honest. A woman doing men’s sports is not honest. It is pretending. Everybody pretends it is honest, even the audience. Now that there is an audience of pretenders they can be fed anything. They not only will pretend to like anybody placed before the camera they will pretend to like anything shoved before the camera – like soccer or woman’s basketball.

Just to make the message clear – Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth should not broadcast women’s gymnastics or an interview on the red carpet at the Oscars (although anything to the present would be an improvement).

A debate rages about women entering what has been, in the past, male dominated positions. Women can do quite well and excel in what is considered male bastions. There is talk about females in direct combat. Maybe that will soften the enemy?

Recently a female prison guard in a male prison was killed by a male prisoner. Everyone was outraged, but no one said the obvious – there are jobs women should not be permitted to do and one is being a prison guard in a male prison, another is sharing a foxhole with men while live fire is overhead, and another broadcasting male sports. If that makes me a pig than there’s a whole lot of others at the hog trough with me. They’re just pretending its stew and not slop.

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