You Should Fear People With COEXIST Bumper Stickers

Have you ever noticed those bumper stickers with “COEXIST” represented by various religious symbols? The irony is that there is usually only one person in the car. Could it be those people have a hard time ‘cohabiting’ the same car with others? It may be a lack of deodorant or maybe they are not as tolerant as they want people to think they are.

There is this premise that applies. A tolerant person never has to say they are tolerant, just as an honest person never has to say they are honest. If a person has to declare “I swear to god it’s the truth” after making a statement, ninety-nine chances out of a hundred they just lied. A person who declares they are tolerant of others on a bumper sticker likely refuses to drink with the light beer crowd, thinks Walmart is a discount store for wallpaper, and would freak-out if someone wearing a burka asked for directions to the nearest mosque.

Recently I posted a bumper sticker on my online shop that read, “Why do people who have a COEXIST bumper sticker drive alone?” I did not use the symbols, only the word. That word existed long before “COEXIST” was a catchy new age feel good concept. The company that prints my bumper stickers was contacted by the “COEXIST” people and said that the use of “COEXIST” was a licensing infringement. My company pulled the product. At the threat of a possible law suit. I would have also. Who wants the hassle from those small-minded intolerant do-gooder snobs any way?

Those small-minded intolerant do-gooder snobs have been in a snit with another small-minded intolerant do-gooder snob, Bono. It seems he has used the same word with the religious symbols. There is nothing like two self-proclaimed tolerant-types who can’t tolerate each other’s intolerance ripping at each other’s throat. You did not see Sonny and Cher running to sue Bono.

This proves they are the epitome of intolerance not to mention hypocrisy. If ‘coexistence’ were all that important to them they wouldn’t get in a snit for someone else using it. Their real concern is ‘co-pay’ or ‘commission.’

Frankly, those people who drive around with those bumper stickers are preaching to the choir. Try a bumper sticker like that pasted on your blue Volvo on the streets of Mecca, Baghdad, and Tehran.

This goes back to the premise that often the people who crow the loudest about the intolerance of others are actually the most intolerant themselves. They advocate and even teach that tolerance is good and the only way to live an emotionally and a spiritually healthy life. Tolerance has its limits. Those limits end when one insists on thinking a certain way.

Drawing on my thirty years as a UAW member, they advocated tolerance of races, religion, gender, national backgrounds, and so on. What they did not tolerate is anyone who thought differently. They wanted to control the thinking of its members. At contract time if they said the contact the company offered was good, then the membership was duty-bound to agree. It made no difference what the membership thought and there was to be no dissension. It was even more so if the union proclaimed the contract was bad and the membership thought it was good.

Religions also claim to be tolerant and they prove it by accepting a variety of adherents even if those ones whom they accept do not advocate or practice their tenants. A religion that does that is a religion in trouble. Tolerance has its limits. It ceases becoming a religion when it lowers it standards to allow those who don’t advocate or practice its tenants as full-fledged members. A religion demonstrates its tolerance by not lowering its principles, but by recognizing others’ right of free will and choice. Once a religion becomes so large because of its acceptance of many different backgrounds and ideologies it begins to ostracize those who are not as tolerant as they appear to be. In a sense, it goes back to control. They want to control as many as possible and those not under their control are looked upon with suspicion.

Thus those who have the “COEXIST” on their bumper stickers may some day become an intolerant mob of peasants with pitchforks looking to test out suspected witches at the dunking-chair of public isolation and persecution. The day may come when that bumper sticker might read “COERCE.”



  1. you never mention a single particular fact about any one person who owns a coexist sticker that would show their lack of tolerance. i am extremely intolerant of ambiguous rants that never really nail down a legitmate point. this is why bloggers get no respect, because anybody can air stupid **** on the net. this article is just some weak thought that popped into your head and clearly there’s little to nothing out there that could possibly support your assertion unless you talked extensively to every coexist sticker owner.

    and the people that make the stickers don’t necessarily need to be tolerant, they just want profit. peace sells, war sells, gas guzzling cars sell, “going green” sells, both sides of the coin sell. those stickers exist because there’s a market for that tacky crap, not because someone genuinely thought it’d be great if people showed how tolerant they truly are by slapping a sticker on the bumper.

    • Thanks for reading. This is meant to be pretty much a ‘tongue in cheek’ article. The fact that you took offense without using any fact to back up your assertion normally means you speak from a weak standpoint yourself.
      The fact is that I go out of my way to speak to ‘coexist’ bumper sticker people and find that in most cases they are indeed intolerant. My research is based upon my personal experience. It is my opinion.
      While writing this piece I certainly knew there were those who have ‘coexist’ bumper stickers who truly are tolerant. If they don’t want to be indentified with the other hypocritical feel-gooders – take off the bumper sticker.
      I create, on a small scale, some of the ‘crap’ you talk about. Zazzle, the company who makes my ‘crap,’ has asked me only to remove two items I have made. One is when I mentioned ‘Harvard’ the other was ‘coexist’ – without the symbols. I think that proves some sort of point. Harvard, I’m sure, has its share of ‘coexist’ bumper stickers along with ‘save the whale’ and ‘vote for Gore on blue Volvo station wagons.’
      Once again thanks for reading. No offence intended.

  2. I always felt a little better about the world whenever I saw a Coexist sticker, and thought I would like the person who displayed it. I don’t have one, but strongly believe in tolerance in every facet of life. I try to be tolerant of people who choose to clump people into categories based on their “bumper stickers”, t-shirts, bracelets, etc. I also know that prejudging is an aspect of survival that dates from prehistoric times, which often serves little purpose in this day and age. I suspect it is impossible to obliterate, but to be constantly reminded of our capacity to use it, is important.

    • I really like your post. I got the sticker out of support of crumbling ideas under trump of listening well to each other, not jumping to huge conclusions, thinking outside of what you know. Religion amounts to politics. Why can’t we just talk. But, my experience is disturbing. As soon as I put the sticker on my vehicle, people started getting aggressive, tailgating and swerving around me like maniacs. I don’t know if I should display the sticker for my own safety. Articles like this all over the internet of people being outraged about a sticker with attempt to express request for calm discussions of ideas only makes matters worse. I see it as the same problem that causes racism or rage at people being gay. It is an excuse, a scapegoating.

  3. It’s ironic that the “C” of “COEXIST” is represented by the symbol of the most intolerant anti-religion of all. “Convert or die” is their mantra. In and of itself, that makes the bumper stickers a horrific sign of willful ignorance.

  4. That was the worst thing I have ever read. As I read, I assume in the begging you assume that people that have a coexist bumper stickers are alone and are dirty hippies. Sorry I’m not sorry, but one can’t even determine that while driving around in a single town. Now I assume you’re some sort of stuck up conservative who does the same thing every single day with a midocre job, hating people because your life is basically planned till your death. Funny thing is, is that you probably even have your after death planned because some organized religion that constantly contradicts itself. People like you are why we can’t, as I assume you would assume a “hippie” would say, all just get along. Before I rant any further, I just want to say is that you should go do some research before you go around saying ignorant stuff like this. Go fix yourself before you start assuming its everyone else that has the problem.

    • Come on now, Kelly, that’s not the worst thing you have ever read.
      Kelly, in all honesty, I don’t feel the way that you think I do. I appreciate people who are truly tolerant. I was trying to be more funny than anything else. I employed hyperbole.
      You say a lot of things in your rant and I hope you feel better.
      I’m neither a conservative or liberal. But you seem to have a very intolerant view of people.
      Sir or Madame, without dissecting all your vitriol statements (I’m assuming you want to be taken serious) you are perhaps the one that needs help.
      Nevertheless, thanks for expressing your views. I respect them and wish you well.

  5. Quite honestly you do not have the slightest clue what the sticker means. It means harmony,peace it means that no matter the religion we should all be ok with each other no trying to convert this christian into Mormon religion for example rather just except the different beliefs of one another. Religion is just a guide and its there for those who need it . I am not an athiest but I accept the athiest religion. People should not be snob nosed like you and discriminate against a sticker which is the same as a peace sign.

    • I tend to think people live there life as a tolerant, loving, and peaceful person rather than attach it to the bumper of their car.
      The proof is within the person and not on a bumper sticker.

  6. I find those stickers help me identify kindred souls in some neighborhoods where I might otherwise find myself beaten or shot. (Not the least bit funny) It’s good to know where to find those who might (no guarantees) watch your back. Outside of that, they are just brief clips that mean little because they really have no context beyond the context provided by agreement.

  7. I think this Article is absolutely chalked full of bullshit opinion. Why don’t you spend a little more than a few minutes deciding what you are going to write about And a little less time catering to yourself.

    • Wow Justin, do you take everything so seriously? This is not meant to be anything other than funny and a little thought provoking. Your brutish vulgar remarks prove a point; coexist people, which you seem to be one of them, are not the paradigm of tolerance they claim to be.

  8. After reading the comments above (and your hilariously non-combative responses), my bet is that every one of the folks who were angry have those Coexist stickers on their cars.

    Hey, tolerance and all that… but not for people I disagree with!

    great post. 🙂

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