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Galapagos Man

Alex Thurston, a World War Two soldier, falls upon unbelievable wealth. He keeps it secret for years. Finally when near death he and his son, AJ, journey by sailboat to claim it. What happens on the way far surpasses any treasure they find. The adventure they experience brings them in contact with a cast of old and new friends, but more than any adventures experienced it draws them closer than ever imagined.

The 1962 New York City Sewer Rats: Baseball Greatest Story!

What if all the 1962 New York Mets lived up to their past and their potential.  Would they have been the worst team in baseball or would they have surprised the baseball world with baseball’s greatest story?

This is a book of what could  have been. A story of a unique blend of history and fiction, of suspense and  mystery, and of pathos and passion.

The New York Sewer Rats a baseball team  that history has forgot.

 The Summer of ’62 is now available as an e-book on Amazon.


In many ways what changed Rich Larsen, an Ohio farm boy, changed a generation. The Summer of 1962 was his last as a boy. The Summer of ’62 was Rich Larsen’s quest to undertand the world beneath his feet and the horizons beyond his dreams. It is his journey to manhood.

Ice Too Thin is now available as an e-book on Amazon 

Nothing much hppens here. At least that’s what the folks of a small town in the northern plains used to think. That all changed one blistering cold weekend.

Kenton Lewis takes the reader into an isolated community untouched by the world and problems around them. They are suddenly thrust into a situation that leaves them with few alternatives.

This is the first novel of Kenton Lewis, written in 1998.

My People My Stories – A Collection of Kenton Lewis Short Stories

Kenton Lewis has just released his first collection of short stories, My Stories My People. They are available in the Kindle e-book format from

My People My Stories is a collection of short stories about ordinary people written by Lewis over the past few years. Some stories were published in literary journals and others on his website.

Most of the short stories are 1,000 words or less, designed to be read in five minutes or so. Some that are longer have been broken down into five minute reading episodes. There are a few that run into a couple of thousand words or so. At any rate, one can read a story or two and go about without investing a lot of time at one sitting.

In all there are forty-seven short stories including episodes.


6 responses to “My Books

  1. eric

    Like all good writers, you know how to arrest attention and make the telepathy possible to transport the reader into the story.

  2. Your book “The Summer of ’62″ reminds me of the unforgettable song “The Summer Knows” by Michel Legrand from the movie “Summer of ’42″ of 1971. :)

  3. I always thought I might have left sharing my writing a little late. I am 48 but I read your bio on Amazon and saw that you started after retiring. I guess it really is never too late to start. Found ‘My People, My Stories’ on Kindle in the UK. Looking forward to reading it.

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